April 18

HAMweather Is Now AerisWeather

MediaLogic Group, the parent company of HAMweather, announced today that it is rebranding as AerisWeather. This change brings HAMweather together with MediaLogic Group’s other weather-related broadcast and consulting businesses to create a single location where customers can come for all of their weather data and content needs. “At least a third of America’s GDP is weather-dependent.” said meteorologist and AerisWeather president, Paul Douglas. “From media and transportation to agriculture, energy, and retail – having access to customized weather streams, tailored for a company’s specific needs, is becoming even more mission critical. There is no limit to how we can personalize...

April 17

Unsettled Weather Continues Across the Plains

Heavy Snow in April Take a look at the image below from the Wyoming Highway Patrol Facebook page… Heavy snow and high speeds led to this near 50-car pile up along highway I-80 on Thursday. *Update for I 80 multi-vehicle crash between Cheyenne and Laramie* 33 commercial vehicles and 12 passenger vehicles is the latest estimate that were involved in one of the three crash sequences along with multiple other vehicles that were not part of an actual crash, but became stranded in the event due to road blockage. 16 motorists were transported by ambulance and 11 motorists were transported...

April 16

Enhanced Severe Threat – Heavy Mountain Snow

National Look We’re watching a upper level low over the Four Corners that is helping to drive much of the weather over the next few days, with heavy snow in the mountains, severe storms in the Central Plains, and even more flooding threats as it helps drive moisture from the Gulf of Mexico northward to interact with a warm front. Numerous Severe Threats Let’s jump right into the severe threat today. An Enhanced Risk of severe storms is present over parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas (in the orange shaded area), surrounded by a Slight Risk (in yellow). A Marginal...

4.15.15 spc day1
April 15

Snow, Severe, Flooding, Fire and a Rare Oregon Tornado

Oregon Tornado? On Tuesday, April 14th, a fairly rare tornado was reported near Eugene, OR! Here was the report: “At 405 pm a small tornado of unknown intensity briefly touched down on the campus of lane county community college. a lane county community college official witnessed a rain and hail wrapped tornado that damaged three vehicles significantly.” . Rare OR Tornado… There have only been 102 documented tornadoes in the state of Oregon between 1950-2011. Interestingly, the state averages only 3 tornadoes  per year, 0 of which typically occur in April. National Weather Outlook The same storm system that produced...

April 14

Busy Spring Weather: Flooding, Severe, Fire & Snow

National Look We’re watching a busy weather map over the next few days. First, the threat of flooding rains continue along the Gulf Coast in places that have already seen over a half a foot of rain in the past few days. Second, a severe threat exists each day through Thursday across portions of the south. Third, something that isn’t exactly visible on the forecast loop above, but extreme fire danger exists over portion of the Northern Plains today. And fourth, we’re watching a storm system in the west that could bring feet of snow to some of the mountains....

April 13

Soggy & Somewhat Unsettled Week Ahead

Soggy Sunday in Mobile, AL It was a VERY wet day along the Gulf Coast on Sunday. Get this, Mobile, AL saw 7.28″ of rain; shattering the previous record of 3.61″ set in 1980. Not only was it a daily rainfall record for Mobile, AL, but it was also the 4th wettest April day in recorded history! Flash Flood Watch * THROUGH TUESDAY EVENING * SEVERAL ROUNDS OF SHOWERS AND THUNDERSTORMS ARE EXPECTED THROUGH TUESDAY EVENING…AND AREAS OF HEAVY RAINFALL ARE EXPECTED. ADDITIONAL RAINFALL AMOUNTS OF 3 TO 5 INCHES WILL BE POSSIBLE. MANY AREAS OF SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA AND ACROSS...

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April 12

Rain and Storms in Central/Southern U.S.

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great weekend! Things look generally quiet across the country today with the exception of the central and southern U.S.. As a cold front works its way across the country, showers and thunderstorms will be possible. Some storms that develop later this afternoon and into this evening in eastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri could turn on the strong to severe side. Southern Texas also has a chance at seeing some severe weather tonight. Strong winds and heavy downpours are the main concerns. A Flash Flood Watch continues through tomorrow morning from Hebbronville to McAllen....

April 10

Illinois Tornadoes; Severe Threat Continues into the Weekend

Tornadoes in Northern Illinois It was a busy severe weather day yesterday across the middle part of the country. Nearly 350 reports of hail, high wind and tornadoes came in; 16 of which were PRELIMINARY tornado reports. Take a look at this large tornado from near Rochelle, IL! (Image Courtesy: NWS Chicago via Scott Prader) Fast Facts Based on reports from trained storm spotters and chasers as well as radar and environmental evidence, there were at the very least two tornadoes, but likely more across North Central Illinois on April 9th. At least two long-lived supercell thunderstorms produced these tornadoes,...

April 9

Recapping Wednesday; More Severe And Flooding To End The Week

Numerous severe storms popped across the country yesterday from the South into the Central Plains and further east into the Mid-Atlantic. We’re taking a look back at the severe weather yesterday, as well as the severe weather threat to end the week and the ongoing flooding threat. Recap Of Wednesday Severe Weather Between 8 AM ET Wednesday to 2 AM ET Thursday, National Weather Service offices across the country issued 220 severe thunderstorm warnings across thirteen states and 18 tornado warnings across parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Indiana. There were ~300 storm reports yesterday across the central and eastern...

April 8

Severe Weather Concerns Continue This Week

Weather Outlook A large storm system moving into the middle part of the country will be responsible for severe weather potential over the next few days. Hail, damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding rains will all be possible as the storm system pushes east through Friday. Severe Threat Wednesday …SRN/CENTRAL PLAINS TO OH VALLEY… SCATTERED TO WIDELY SCATTERED TSTMS ARE EXPECTED TO DEVELOP IN MULTIPLE EPISODES THROUGHOUT THIS PERIOD…MOVING EWD TO ENEWD ACROSS OUTLOOK AREA WITH POTENTIAL FOR SEVERAL TORNADOES ALONG WITH VERY LARGE/DAMAGING HAIL AND DAMAGING GUSTS. INITIAL THREAT THIS MORNING WILL BE HAIL FROM ELEVATED TSTMS SUCH AS THOSE...