April 12

Hail Basics

Most of us can agree that thunderstorms are one of nature’s most impressively beautiful, yet destructive phenomena. As we focus on severe weather awareness this month, let’s talk about one of many facets that make thunderstorms dangerous: hail. Did you know that hail causes nearly $1 billion in damage every year? Imagine a baseball being dropped from 30,000 ft. in the air. Did you know that that baseball reaches speeds of 120 mph as it falls to the ground? Now think about what that can do if you’re under it. Not pretty. That is the danger of hail. Couple that...

March 10

Major Flooding in the South to Continue

Major Flooding Continues Thanks to the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office for the pictures below, which show how much water some spots are dealing with in the Southern U.S. after some historic rains. Incredibly, the rainfall isn’t over quite yet! 3 Day Rainfall The 3 day rainfall map suggests a large swath of 6″+ heavy rainfall has already fallen from eastern Texas into parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee! Some spots have actually seen close to 18″ in Louisiana! Flood Watches/Warnings Continue A number of flood watches/warnings continue with an additional 3″ to 6″+ rain possible through the end of the week! Additional Rainfall Next...

Aeris Pulse App Store
March 3

Aeris Pulse is now featured on the App Store

Now featured on the App Store as one of the best new apps, Aeris Pulse is the premiere severe weather app for iOS and Android! Never be surprised by the weather again with Aeris Pulse’s exclusive approaching weather threats. Using your current GPS location, Aeris Pulse highlights where the weather threats are relative to you. Receive push notifications and in-app alerts when hazardous or severe weather approaches your current location. Push notifications detail everything from heavy rainfall to severe storms with hail, lightning, and even tornadoes possible. You can also choose to receive notifications for National Weather Service (NWS) warnings for...

March 3

Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe weather can strike at any time, in just about any place. While chances are higher in certain parts of the country during certain parts of the year, that doesn’t mean it can’t easily strike out of season. Take for example November 17, 2013 when a High Risk of severe weather was in effect for parts of the Ohio Valley. At least 70 tornadoes touched down that day, many of which occurred in the state of Illinois – which typically sees most of its tornadoes in the April to June time frame. This is one reason why it is important...

February 17

Daytona 500 Climatology And What Can Be Expected For The 2016 Running Of The Daytona 500

Follow Meteorologist D.J. Kayser on Twitter (@dkayserwx) or on Facebook (Meteorologist D.J. Kayser). It’s that time of year… it’s time for the race cars to get back on the track! Of course, the NASCAR season gets started this Sunday with the Great American Race: the Daytona 500. How many times have we seen rain during the first race of the year? And does this years forecast for the Daytona 500 look to be dry – or will we need the Air Titans once again? First, credit where credit is due: all climatology information in this post came from research by William...

February 10

High Amplitude Weather Pattern; Cold & Snowy East, Warm & Dry West

High Amplitude Weather The upper level wind (jet stream) is the driving force behind our weather. As the jet wobbles north and south over time, blobs of warm and cold air wobble with it. As it turns out, the jet stream this week is in what’s known as a high amplitude weather pattern. The jet stream has pushed well north into Canada in the Western U.S. allowing much warmer and record warmth to move into many areas there. Meanwhile, the jet stream has dipped well south into the Gulf Coast states in the Eastern U.S. and has produced some near...

February 3

Super Bowl Climatology And What Can Be Expected For Super Bowl 50

Follow Meteorologist D.J. Kayser on Twitter (@dkayserwx) or on Facebook (Meteorologist D.J. Kayser). The NFL season is coming to an end this Sunday – as always with the Super Bowl. This year marks the historic 50th Super Bowl in history, being played for the first time in Santa Clara, CA at Levi’s Stadium. Of course, this is the wet season for those on the west coast, so we are watching the forecast closely for the game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. What does the outlook this far out show? We’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s...

January 15

Aeris Android Alpo – Eating Our Own Dogfood

The term “Eating Your Own Dogfood” or “Dogfooding”, has spread throughout the tech industry in the past 20 years.  Back on the farm we used a slightly different way to say the same thing (something about dogs and where they sleep) but it all means basically the same thing: it’s the idea of using the products we make to ensure that things actually work the way we say they do.  The Aeris Android development project recently gave me a “no thank you bite” of my own. Dinner is Served When I sat down to pen the developer’s blog this week,...

January 14

Rare January Hurricane Alex Develops in the Atlantic Basin

Rare January Hurricane Alex Forms in the Atlantic Basin This is pretty interesting… A rare January hurricane has formed in the Atlantic Basin. It’s something that we don’t see much of at this time of the year and in fact, it’s only the 3rd hurricane on record to be present in the Atlantic Basin during the month of January; only the 2nd to FORM during the month of January in the basin. Keep in mind that the official Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1st – November 30th. Here’s more from the National Hurricane Center: Remarkably, Alex has undergone the...

January 13

NFL Divisional Round: What Football Games Could Be Impacted By Weather?

Follow Meteorologist D.J. Kayser on Twitter (@dkayserwx) or on Facebook (Meteorologist D.J. Kayser). This weekend is the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs, featuring the top two seeded football teams in each division along with all the road teams from last weeks games (as they all won last weekend). How will weather impact these football games? It looks like only one has a good chance of being impacted at the moment. Lets take a look at the forecast for the football games. Saturday Games Kansas City at New England The match up between Kansas City and New England in Foxboro,...