October 20

HealthCast: Winter Weather and Human Health

What kind of weather do you think is the cause of most heart attacks? A. Floods B. Lightning C. Tornadoes D. Heat Waves E. Winter Storms Although heat tends to strain the heart, winter storms prompt the most heart attacks. Cold Killer Winter heart attacks are often more damaging. The cold itself is to blame as well as the exertion and strain of shoveling ice and snow. This physical activity often creates excess stress on weak hearts. In addition cold air constricts blood vessels putting even more stress on the heart. Heart attacks, however, are not the only killer in...

October 13

A Guide to Frost

As chilly temperatures begin to unfold, we often get to experience of one of nature’s most beautiful phenomena: frost. Frost is also a defining highlight of the Fall season. During the warm Summer months, we often see dew covering the grass in the morning. However, when surface temperatures hit freezing or below, we start to notice frost and there are various types of frost that you may notice throughout the cold weather season. This is due to a process called “deposition,” which is when water vapor molecules turn from gas directly to a solid. Deposition is the reason for the...

October 6

D.J.’s Monthly Digits: How Warm Was September 2016?

Follow Meteorologist D.J. Kayser on Twitter (@dkayserwx) or on Facebook (Meteorologist D.J. Kayser). The first month of meteorological fall felt a lot more like summer across parts of the nation. In this edition of D.J.’s Monthly Digits, let’s take a look back some of the weather extremes of September 2016. Summer Extends Into Fall   The heat that many areas saw across the country during the summer continued into the month of September, with 99 long-term NWS climate locations seeing a top ten warmest September 2016 on record. Just like August, many of the places that saw a top ten...

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September 29

Black Moon Coming To A Sky Near You Soon.

The ‘Black Moon’ comes Friday, Sept 30th. What is it? Is it even interesting? Yes, that’s right… a BLACK MOON rises up as we flip the calendar to the very end of September (or the very 1st of October depending on where you live, time zones are a thing). I can only hope black moon is the ‘word of the day’ on a Word Of The Day Calendar for September 30th somewhere. But what is a coined black moon and why is it rising any differently? It sounds so dark and mysterious. Is it a sequel to the hair-raising, jump-out-of-your-seat 80’s thriller, Tommy...

September 29

Professional Football Forecasts For Week 4 (2016 Season)

Follow Meteorologist D.J. Kayser on Twitter (@dkayserwx) or on Facebook (Meteorologist D.J. Kayser). It’s time for Week 4 of the professional football season! Here’s a look at the forecasts across the nation for the games this weekend. Note: forecasts on this page were last updated Thursday morning (9/29). For the latest forecast, click on the forecast link included with each forecast or download the AerisPulse app! Thursday Night Football Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals 8:25 PM ET – Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH Kickoff Temperature: 60 Weather: 50% Chance Of Storms Winds: N 3-5 mph Weather Forecast For Cincinnati Sunday...

3d view of Matthew
September 28

Blending Data with Aeris Maps

With Tropical Storm Matthew heading towards the Caribbean, we’ve been testing our upcoming tropical layers for the Aeris Maps Platform. In the process, we also experimented with combining different layers with some of the advanced AMP features such as blends: With the above image, we combined the flat-dk and water-depth base layers. Then added the high-resolution visible satellite imagery with a hard-light blend: flat-dk,water-depth,sat-vis-hires:blend(hard-light) The hard light blend allows the blue from the water layer to mix with the darker areas of the visible satellite while leaving the clouds white. Adding the lightning strike density layer to the map, which...

September 22

Autumnal Equinox and Fall Color

Autumnal Equinox At exactly 10:21 am EDT on Thursday, September 22nd the sun’s most direct rays will be shining directly over the equator, which marks the beginning of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Interestingly there are 2 equinoxes a year, one in September (Autumnal) and one in March (Vernal). Note that at this time of year, there are approximately 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night across the globe! Fall will continue over the next 3 months until Wednesday, December 21st, when the sun’s most direct rays will...

September 19

How to Survive a Hurricane – Part 2

Hopefully, you’ve been taking steps to preemptively prepare for an approaching hurricane as discussed in Part 1 of our How to Survive a Hurricane series. Now a hurricane is approaching and it’s time to take action. What steps do you take when a storm is approaching? Watch vs. Warning Generally, it’s important to know what the difference is between a Watch and Warning when it comes to weather alerts. A watch means that weather conditions are favorable for a hazard to occur. It means to be attentive and prepare for action if needed. A warning means that a weather hazard...

Hurricane Katrina
September 15

How to Survive a Hurricane – Part 1

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to truly be in danger if you have never experienced it. It’s also easy to push off preparing for “worst case scenarios” when it comes to weather–I mean, what are the odds, right? While preparing for a storm may be a low priority item in your long to-do list, pushing it off can be a costly, sometimes tragic, decision. When a major disaster strikes, stories of survival come pouring through the media, but it doesn’t take a major natural disaster to put you in harm’s way. Florida finally got hit with its first hurricane...

September 8

D.J.’s Monthly Digits: Over 30″ Of Rain In August 2016

Follow Meteorologist D.J. Kayser on Twitter (@dkayserwx) or on Facebook (Meteorologist D.J. Kayser). While August marked the last month of meteorological summer in 2016, the heat did not take a break across portions of the country. While some were warm, we also saw over 30″ of rain in spots last month! In this edition of D.J.’s Monthly Digits, let’s take a look back at August 2016 and the warm, wet month across the nation. Late Summer Heat Were you one of the many in the eastern United States that sweltered through August? Twenty-three different cities saw (or tied) their warmest...