Attribution Guide

The following policy outlines the proper methods for the use of any aspect of our brand and assets, including logos and trademarks. If you’d like to use any of our marks not covered by this policy, feel free to contact us by providing additional details regarding your intended usage.

Attribution Requirements

All products including the AerisWeather API and AerisWeather Mapping Platform require proper attribution by using any one or a combination of the allowed AerisWeather marks as described below.

Using the AerisWeather Brand

AerisWeather's marks include, but are not limited to, the Aeris name, AerisWeather name, and logo. Do not modify or alter the marks or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by AerisWeather, or in a way that confuses AerisWeather with another brand.

AerisWeather logo - light
Light backgrounds: PNG ·  EPS
AerisWeather logo - dark
Dark backgrounds: PNG ·  EPS

Usage Guidelines

Be sure to follow these guidelines regarding the proper usage of our brand and logos.


  • provide a link to with the text "powered by AerisWeather"
  • logo may be substituted for the "AerisWeather" text 
  • use our original, unmodified logo to represent our brand.
  • provide at least a 10px buffer (white) space around our logo.
  • change the lightness or opacity of the logo (maintaining shades of gray only).


  • rotate or change the orientation of the logo.
  • change the color of the logo, except for cases where a monotone (black or white) logo is desired.
  • use the logo symbol without the Aeris or AerisWeather name.
  • use any other marks to represent our brand.

Link Backs

Copy and paste the code below any of these link back formats into your site or application to attribute AerisWeather as your data source.


Powered by AerisWeather


Powered by AerisWeather