February 8

Aeris Web: JavaScript SDK Preview

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been actively working on the first component to Aeris Web — the JavaScript SDK. We are continuing to test and wrap up all items required for our version 1.0 slated for release within a couple of weeks, but we wanted to provide a preview of how easy it will be to incorporate your Aeris API subscription into your custom web applications. For instance, if you wanted to fetch the latest weather observations for Seattle, WA, you would just need to use the following snippet once you have initialized the Aeris JS SDK with your...

February 3

Aeris API 1.0.6 and iOS Framework Updates

This week we have pushed out updates to the Aeris Weather API and the iOS framework. We have also been busy wrapping up development for the initial release of the JavaScript toolkit coming soon. The Aeris Weather API 1.0.6 update is a maintenance release that fixes several bugs and adds a few improvements. Most notably, updates to the storm cells endpoint and a new sortable date-time mapping for the storm reports, storm cells and fires endpoints. Additionally, a new “skip” parameter (currently in beta) was added which allows skipping over a specific number of results, which is useful when pagination...