March 27

Aeris Weather JavaScript SDK 1.1 Released

Today we released an update to our Javascript SDK that fixes a few minor bugs, adds new data collections to reflect the new API endpoints released in version 1.1, and a new Daily Records widget.  For the complete list of changes view the version history. New Data Collections The new data collections are: Earthquakes – Provide access to worldwide earthquakes Fires – Access to US fires Records – Access to US daily records. Sunmoon – Access to worldwide sun and moon information. MoonPhases – Access to moon phase calendar information. These correspond to the equivalent Aeris API endpoints of the same...

March 13

Aeris API 1.1 Released

We have released version 1.1 of our Aeris Weather API with some exciting new features and enhancements. This launch is also aligned with the release of the initial public version of our Aeris JavaScript SDK released last week, which allows you to quickly add weather content to your web sites and applications using either the customizable built-in widgets or quickly creating your own. Batch Requests With this release, our batch request feature is officially released and is no longer considered beta. Our batch request feature allows you to fetch data from multiple endpoints all within a single request (the current...

March 8

Aeris Weather JavaScript SDK 1.0 Released

We released the initial version of our Aeris JavaScript SDK, which is the first toolkit publicly available as part of our Aeris Web product line. Last month we previewed the SDK and highlighted many of the major features included with it. Also be sure to check out our documentation and pre-built widgets for the SDK from our Developer Center. The following is a run-down of the primary features currently included with the initial version of the Aeris Weather JavaScript SDK. Widgets One of the best features of the Aeris JavaScript SDK is its support for quickly creating weather widgets. As...