September 17

Aeris iOS Weather Framework 1.1.4 Released

Today we released an update to our iOS weather framework that primarily serves as a bug fix release, but also introduces methods for accessing some of the newer features in the core API not yet supported by the framework. The primary addition has been adding support for accessing data from the observations/recent and observations/archive API endpoints. To do so, you will use the iOS framework’s AFObservationsLoader object, its [crayon-5b7430f709111680514179-i/] method for requesting recent observations, and [crayon-5b7430f709118576272324-i/] method for requesting observations for a range in our archive. Review the AFObservationsLoader class documentation for additional details on using these new methods. Make sure to...

September 6

Aeris Users Speak Up – Day One Journaling App Expands Offerings with Aeris

Paul Mayne from Bloom Built, LLC, creator of Day One had some great things to say about how he uses the Aeris Weather API to increase the value of his journaling app: We've been very happy with our choice to go with HAMweather. Adding this additional detail of weather is an important part of capturing the essence of a moment, event or place in time for a journal entry to better preserve our memories. After much research and comparisons of all the available weather API services, we found that relying on any cheap or free service would not be...