October 26

Aeris iOS Weather Framework 1.1.5 Released

An update to our iOS weather framework is now available that includes several bug fixes and a few new features. As always, review the 1.1.5 complete release notes for more detailed information on the latest changes and fixes. Dynamic Opacity and Speed The biggest addition to the framework comes in the interactive map feature. We’ve had several requests to add support for dynamically adjusting an image overlay’s opacity and animation speed at runtime. Well, we listened to your feedback, and it’s finally here! To take advantage of this new feature immediately, we have already added default controls for map overlay...

October 9

Aeris Users Speak Up – Crushed Box Software Weather Apps Impress with Aeris API

We spoke with one of the Aeris users, Christopher Coudriet from about how he is using the Aeris weather API. He loves it! Thanks Chris, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Why did you decide to add weather into your offerings? We’ve been developing weather related apps for the last couple of years. And during this time we were searching for the game changing weather data provider to implement into our future weather apps. Why did you choose HAMweather’s Aeris API? We actually stumbled upon HAMweather’s Aeris products while doing some internet searches. Then...