October 9

Aeris Users Speak Up – Crushed Box Software Weather Apps Impress with Aeris API

We spoke with one of the Aeris users, Christopher Coudriet from CrushedBoxSoftware.com about how he is using the Aeris weather API. He loves it! Thanks Chris, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Why did you decide to add weather into your offerings?

We’ve been developing weather related apps for the last couple of years. And during this time we were searching for the game changing weather data provider to implement into our future weather apps.

Why did you choose HAMweather’s Aeris API?

We actually stumbled upon HAMweather’s Aeris products while doing some internet searches. Then we fell in love at first sight with all of the super awesome products HAMweather was offering. We actually went ahead and bought the SDK license immediately followed by getting setup with our Aeris API enterprise account. We knew we could do some great things with this powerful platform and turn the iOS weather app market upside down.

Have you seen any positive advancements with your products due to using Aeris?

We have seen our growth catapult to thousands of new users daily that crave our highly polished weather apps powered by the Aeris API. We feel that HAMweather is THE game changing weather data provider.

As a developer, why do you feel HAMweather, and Aeris was the best fit for your product?

Once we got our hands on the SDK and starting building our future apps, we knew we had something great here. The Aeris API fit in perfectly and offers more data than anything we’ve ever seen or used. Also, as a developer, we had a lot of questions along the way and HAMweather’s support system is a fined tuned machine that responds instantly and courteously. We had well over 50 inquires during development and even got responses after hours and on weekends. We love HAMweather from the inside and out!

Christopher Coudriet
President / CEO


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