May 29

Video: Installing the Aeris Android Weather SDK in Eclipse

Android Weather SDK

How to install the Aeris Android Weather SDK in Eclipse

The Aeris Android Weather SDK provides many great features for adding weather information within your Android application, such as the AerisMaps library. This library provides the ability to add a fully functional interactive weather map into your application, including map overlays (e.g., radar, satellite), point data (e.g., observations, storm reports) and other features.

Integration examples of using the AerisMaps library are available within the AerisDemo application, included with the SDK.  Importing and setting up the AerisDemo application requires several steps as outline in the documentation.  This video tutorial expands on this, stepping you through the installation of the Aeris Android Weather SDK within Eclipse. Be sure to review the Getting Started section and the AerisDemo project.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for a free Aeris Weather API account when you are developing your weather application!


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