November 12

Aeris iOS Weather SDK 2.2.0 Released

Our next minor version of our Aeris iOS Weather SDK is now available with several new features and a whole lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Supported iOS Versions

With iOS 8 and 9 adoptions at 90-95% and iOS 9 adoptions quickly rising to near 75% according to Apple and Mixpanel, our iOS SDKs are currently being developed to only support iOS 7 and higher. However, we have plans to drop support for iOS 7 by next summer once iOS 10 is released to developers as users running versions older than iOS 8 should fall below 5%.

New Data Sets + Map Layers

We’ve added support for the new Aeris API endpoints, including weather threats*, storm report summary*, storm cell summary*, convective outlooks*, fire outlooks and drought monitor (*Requires separate Aeris API Threats add-on). In addition to the new data elements, we’ve also added support for the GeoJSON polygon data layers to the AerisMap library for many of these new API endpoints. These new map data layers can be added to AWFWeatherMap using the following AWFLayerType values: AWFLayerTypeConvectiveOutlook, AWFLayerTypeFireOutlook and AWFLayerTypeDroughtIndex.

New Loader Action: contains

Several of our newer endpoints have been supporting the contains action, which is useful for polygon-based datasets to return all objects that contain a specific location. Our iOS SDK now supports this action for all AWFGeographicObjectLoader subclasses by using the method getContainingPlace:options:completion: on your object loaders. Refer to the Aeris library API reference to determine if a particular object loader supports the contains action.

Bug Fixes Galore

There have been a ton of minor bug fixes and improvements throughout all of the libraries in our iOS SDK, from improving graph view rendering and data loader to improving weather map performance. We’ve also updated our libraries with full bitcode support for iOS 9 in case your own app takes advantage of it. Be sure to check out the complete set of release notes for the 2.2.0 version for more details.

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