March 3

Aeris Pulse is now featured on the App Store

Now featured on the App Store as one of the best new apps, Aeris Pulse is the premiere severe weather app for iOS and Android!

Never be surprised by the weather again with Aeris Pulse’s exclusive approaching weather threats. Using your current GPS location, Aeris Pulse highlights where the weather threats are relative to you. Receive push notifications and in-app alerts when hazardous or severe weather approaches your current location. Push notifications detail everything from heavy rainfall to severe storms with hail, lightning, and even tornadoes possible. You can also choose to receive notifications for National Weather Service (NWS) warnings for your current location. Pulse offers the convenient capability to customize which notifications you want to receive. Pick everything from tornado warnings to winter storm warnings.

Aeris Pulse approaching weather threat text.

Aeris Pulse offers an interactive weather map with several different weather data layers. Available layers include radar, satellite, advisories and warnings, storm cells with direction, storm reports, earthquakes, temperatures, and wind speeds. Pulse also offers in-app purchases which include data layers for future radar and accumulated precipitation.

Hurricane Harvey
Aeris Pulse interactive radar layer.

Top Features

  • Weather Threats
  • Push Notifications
  • Customizable Notification Criteria
  • Interactive Weather Map
  • Multiple Data Layers
  • Current Conditions
  • Extended Outlook
  • Saved Locations
  • Notification Center Widgets
  • Powered by the AerisWeather API

Download Aeris Pulse for both iOS and Android and never be surprised by severe weather again.

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