May 6

Aeris Android SDK v1.2 Released

An update to the Aeris Android SDK is now available with a new map library!

AMP’d Up

This update to the SDK is the beginning of some exciting changes for the cartographers amongst our ranks. The Aeris Android Map library now uses our very own Aeris Map Platform (AMP) for the weather data visualization in our apps!

This first wave of AMP integration is focused on upgrading the existing legacy Aeris Overlays to AMP. This paves the way for the additional layers available within our new map platform. In future updates of the SDK we’ll add new map options to enhance your apps and take weather visualization further than ever before.

<Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead>
So check out AMP and the Map Builder tool to see some of the cool new features available with AMP. It’s free to try with a developer (or higher) account.

New to the Android SDK: Severe Warnings Layer

Next let’s look at a new map layer. Aside from the underlying changes needed to move towards AMP, we also added the Severe Warnings layer.

This layer limits the advisories shown on the map to only the most severe. It filters out things like weather statements and watches. That might sound like a small distinction, but it comes in really handy. Like when you need to know in a glance who’s under the weather gun right now.

To get you started, here’s a quick example of implementing and using the Severe Warnings layer. Here we’re adding the new layer in our map initialization method:

private void initMap()
AerisMapOptions mapOptions = AerisMapOptions.getPreference(this.mapView.getContext());

Thanks for checking out the latest update to our Aeris Android SDK. Keep checking back here for more updates to the SDK, as well as other Aeris projects in the near future.

Happy Coding!

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