December 21

The AerisWeather Android SDK v2 Beta is Here!

Just in time for your holiday coding free time, our AerisWeather Android Development team has pushed a beta release of the much anticipated AerisWeather Android SDK v2 beta update!  (We knew you were worried about not having anything fun to work on between Christmas and New Years…)

Why Bother with a Beta?

The SDK v2 Beta release is a preview update to allow developer access to the features and changes made thus far. Our hope is that by allowing early access to the major breaking changes, we can make your transition to v2 less daunting. After all, horribly complex version updates are so 2016.

Obligatory Unfinished Software Warning:

This beta contains breaking changes including a package prefix update, file naming changes, new public repositories and more. As this is a beta release, changes are not final and are subject to further modifications with the final release.

You’ll find expanded details and helpful tips regarding the changes in this beta release are available via the SDK v2 Beta Migration Guide at

AerisWeather Android SDK v2 Beta Quick Summary


First up, we heard you – “Please support newer Google Play Services!”. So we’re happy to announce that the AerisWeather Android SDK now officially supports Google Play Services through v9.8.0 (v10 support will come with the final release). If your project requires supporting an earlier version, refer to the previous versions of the AerisWeather Android libraries which can be found via the Central Repository under “com.hamweather”.

Package Prefix:

Next, version 2 of the SDK brings an updated package prefix. We’ve been AerisWeather for a while now, so it makes sense to change our package name from the trusted old Ham Weather brand to AerisWeather. Thanks for all the good times Ham, we’ll always remember our roots.

File Naming:

Along with the change to the package name, we have also updated the naming of the libraries themselves to provide a more consistent feel and convention.

  • aeris-android-lib

    is now

  • aeris-maps-library


  • aeris-android-lib.jar

    is now renamed to

Maven Repository:

…and as long as we were renaming the package prefix and fixing up the file names, we decided to create a spiffy new repository too. Version 2.0 and all future versions will be located in the Central Repo in our new public repository under com.aerisweather.

More details are available in the SDK v2 Beta Migration Guide.  You’ll find things like:

  • Expanded AerisWeather API endpoint support
  • AerisWeather Map updates
    • Now with more Tile layers!
    • Additional Point Data layers
    • New Polygon layers
  • Implementation and build tips
AerisWeather Android Demo:

An updated version of the AerisWeather Android Demo project using the v2 libraries is available on GitHub.


A final production release of v2 will be coming shortly after the new year. So stay tuned and check back for a full breakdown of all the new features at that time.

  Happy Holidays from the AerisWeather Android Team!

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