March 22

AerisWeather Android SDK v2 Beta 3 – It’s All About the Maps

We’re happy to announce the arrival of the AerisWeather Android SDK, Beta 3!

So as you might have gleaned from the title, this beta is all about maps. With this update, we concentrated on improved integration of our AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP).

For an example of the map updates, check out the Demo app. It provides examples of the variety of the available layers and modifier options. You’ll also notice that there is now support for setting the Google base map type to “none”. As a result, you can choose whether you want the standard Google base layers or AMP’s base layers (including a cool looking dark base).

Dark Base With Radar


A big feature of this latest pre-release is the long-awaited and highly anticipated return of map animations. One of the coolest things about the updated animation support it supports any of the layers offered by AMP. With this new integration, we can now create some sweet animations – like how road conditions change over the course of a day.

Or maybe watching how temperature and precipitation move together.

AMP Animation

Disclaimer: In this beta, the animations are currently limited to a fixed -2 hour to + 2 hour time period, with 15-minute intervals. With our next release, we plan on adding methods to allow you to specify the start and stop times and choose the interval between images.

AMP Layer Modifiers

Many of the layers have options to modify their appearance or data.

These modifier options are supported where applicable in Beta 3. The presentation and or use of these options is up to you, but to see what’s possible check out the map options in the Demo project.

So for more details, see the AMP documentation and check out all the neat options for each AMP layer!

AerisWeather Android SDK v2 Beta 3 Quick Summary


Since the release of Beta 2, we support Google Play Services through v10.0.1. Some projects may require supporting an earlier version. If so, you should refer to the previous versions of the AerisWeather Android libraries. These are found in the Central Repository under “com.hamweather”.

Package Prefix:

All V2 betas sport an updated package prefix. We’ve been AerisWeather for a while now, so it made sense to change our package name from the trusted old HAMweather brand to AerisWeather.

File Naming:

Starting with beta 1, we’ve updated the naming of the libraries themselves to provide a more consistent feel and convention.

  • is now
  •  becomes 
  • is now renamed to
Maven Repository:

AerisWeather Android SDK v2 Beta 3 is located in the Central Repo in our new public repository under com.aerisweather.

AerisWeather Android Demo:

An updated version of the AerisWeather Android Demo project using the v2 libraries is available on GitHub.

More details are available in the SDK v2 Beta Migration Guide.  You’ll find things like:

  • Expanded AerisWeather API endpoint support
  • AerisWeather Mapping updates
    • AerisWeather Mapping Platform layers!
    • AMP Animations
    • Additional Point Data layers
    • New Polygon layers
  • Implementation and build tips

Obligatory Unfinished Software Disclaimer:  Because is a beta release, changes are not final and are subject to further modifications with the final release.

You’ll also find expanded details and helpful tips available via the AerisWeather Android SDK v2 Beta Migration Guide at

Stay tuned and check back for a full breakdown of all the new features with each update!

Android Corner Wave  Happy Coding from the AerisWeather Android Team!

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