August 9

AerisWeather API 1.7.3 Released

We have released version 1.7.3 of the AerisWeather API to production that builds upon the recent Canadian weather alert additions and improved advisory support. We will highlight a few of these changes, though for the complete list of updates review the AerisWeather API release history.

Advisory Endpoint Updates

Country Filters

With the addition of Canadian weather alerts, we have added new filters to simplify querying alerts specifically for the US or Canada. For instance, to limit results to US alerts, utilize , which is the equivalent to using

For Canada alerts, you would use , which is equal to using 

Distinct Alerts

A weather alert is normally issued for multiple locations, weather zones or counties in the Canadian location codes (CLCs) in Canada. When performing searches using the Aeris API, a copy of the alert will be returned for each location the alert is for.

For example, if a flood watch is issued for the   weather zones and you query the API with:

The API will return three copies of the same flood watch, one for each of the three locations.

In some use cases, you may not want to include a copy of the same alert for each location. To make this easier, the API now supports a distinct filter. Adding  to the above example will return only a single copy of the flood watch.

For instance, to obtain unique thunderstorm warnings within the US:

There are a couple considerations when using this filter:

  • Do not rely on    to determine all of the locations the alert is for since this will be set to a single weather zone or Canadian location code. Instead, use the   or   properties.
  • This filter only supports queries at the national level currently.

Advisories Summary Endpoint

The advisories/summary endpoint now supports both US and Canadian alerts. Additionally, the new , , and  filters work with this endpoint.

When using this endpoint, the  attribute will return Canadian provinces with the  format where  is the two-letter province abbreviation. For example, the API will return   for Ontario. This change will prevent any potential current or future conflicts with US state abbreviations.

Start using the AerisWeather API

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