August 10

Recent Updates to AerisWeather Maps

AerisWeather Maps is a powerful tool allowing you to integrate weather imagery in a variety of methods, whether stand-alone static imagery, to animations, or to fully interactive weather maps. Over the past few weeks, we have continued improving and expanding our weather maps platform. One area of concentration has been with Maps’ speed and efficiency, especially for large image requests. We have seen considerable improvements from the most recent updates, with significant speed improvements and continued low error rates.

We also continue to improve upon existing layers, including the recent addition of Canadian alerts, as well as releasing new layer offerings, such as lightning strikes. Most recently, we’ve released several new layers: forecast jet stream (250 mb) and the CPC temperature and precipitation outlooks. Review the release history  for complete list of recent changes to AMP.

Forecast Jet Stream (250mb)

A common request from clients has been a jet stream layer option, and we have now added several forecast jet stream options within Maps! The global forecast jet stream, based on the GFS, is available out 15 days and uses the layer name . Below is an example of the global jet stream for the current hour:

Global Forecast Jet Stream Weather Maps

To display the forecast jet stream for one day from now, use   for the date offset:

The forecast jet stream is also available via the NAM and HRRR models using the layer names  and  respectively:

Forecast Jet Stream Weather Maps

These new jet stream layers are also accessible via the AerisWeather Map Builder under the forecast category. By default, the global jet stream is displayed, but you can select the edit icon to change the layer to use another model.

Forecast Jet Stream within the Map Builder

CPC Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issues 6-10 day and 8-14 day temperature and precipitation outlooks, which are issued daily and are now available within AMP:

6-10 day temperature outlook

The layer names for the new layers are:

  • 6 – 10-day Outlooks:
    • Temperature Outlook: temperatures-outlook-6-10d-cpc
    • Precipitation Outlook: precip-outlook-6-10d-cpc
  • 8 – 14-day Outlooks:
    • Temperature Outlook: temperatures-outlook-8-14d-cpc
    • Precipitation Outlook: precip-outlook-8-14d-cpc

Using the Proper Date Offset

With AerisWeather Maps, a date/time offset is required in the URL to determine the proper data to display for the needed time period. Since the outlooks have a valid time starting in the future, you need to account for this when requesting the layer or you may receive data from the previous outlook.

For the 6-10 day outlooks, use an offset value from    through   as the date/time offset within the URL:

For the 8-14 day outlooks, use an offset value from    through   as the date/time offset within the URL:

Legends for the New Layers

Legends for the forecast jet stream, temperature, and precipitation outlooks have been added to the legend builder within your account area.


Access the New Layers Today

Start using the new forecast jet stream and CPC outlook weather maps with your AerisWeather Maps subscription today! Not currently using AerisWeather Maps? Start with our free developer trial!

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