October 2

Aeris Android SDK v2.1.1 Released

Aeris Android SDK v2.1.1 is now available. SDK v2.1.1 updates dependencies and provides several minor bug fixes. We will highlight some of these changes, through review the release history for the complete list.

Wildfire Incident Management Teams

Within the AerisWeather Fires endpoint, there is a little data field named imtType. This field tells us which type of Incident Management Team is dealing with each wildfire. With a typical wildfire (if there is such a thing), the imtType field is often unused. The API will return null for an unknown imtType. But as wildfires grow in size and intensity, the management efforts for a wildfire have to scale up too. The endpoint documentation contains notes on the various team types. Tucked away in the Core library, the Aeris Android SDK v2.1.1 handles this field for all wildfire IMT types.


Within the Core library, the internal Aeris Weather API calls now use HTTPS queries. If you’re still not sure why anyone cares about the whole HTTP vs HTTPS thing, Google put it nicely in this article Why HTTPS?.

Maps Library

Over in the maps library, we added some helpful caching to an internal class. The AerisAmp class, which is used to get all those awesome weather maps from the Aeris Mapping Platform, now holds onto the map permissions to eliminate a few API calls.

Next, we fixed a bug dealing with the point data for lightning strikes. Just like our other point data layers, the lightning point data layer is more than an image. Along with plotting the lightning strikes on your map, you can also provide additional data upon a user click. Pretty cool!

Gradle and Dependency Updates

As of Aeris Android SDK v2.1.1, our libraries are now using Gradle v3.3. For all of the dirty details on the changes to Gradle, check out their release notes here. Also, we updated several 3rd party libraries to their latest and greatest versions.

Start Using the Android SDK

We hope you enjoy the new version and can’t wait to see what you make next! Not currently an AerisWeather user? Check out our free developer trial and start using the Android SDK today!


Aeris Android SDK Docs

GitHub Project Page

Aeris API Docs

Aeris AMP Docs


Happy Coding!

AndroidCornerWave  The Aeris Android Team

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