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Unleashing The Power of Real-Time Weather Data in Advertising Campaigns

By Ross Machurick April 9th, 2018

It’s no secret that weather affects the buying decisions of consumers. Beachgoers buy suntan lotion and ice cream during the dog days of summer on the Jersey Shore while their friends in Minnesota stock up on fashionable snow boots and scarves as November turns to December. There’s a certain seasonal rhythm to these purchasing habits – whether it be consumer goods, food or travel.

For decades, advertisers have leveraged the calendar and the cyclical nature of purchasing with what I like to call “low-tech” campaigns. But today’s programmatic advertisers require more contextual data. And weather data – the one thing that’s been behind human decision-making around the globe for generations – is the #1 contextual dataset at your fingertips. Now it’s up to our generation to put it to use.

Let’s use those previously-mentioned friends in Minnesota to paint a picture. It’s April 2nd in Minnesota and typically our friends would be saying goodbye to a long winter and embracing the warming air and green grasses of April. In conjunction, low-tech advertising campaigns would be touting spring fashions, charcoal for the grill, and mulch and grass seed.

However, as pointed out last week in Paul Douglas’s blog post, it isn’t your grandfather’s weather anymore and the Twin Cities are being dumped on by 8” of fresh snow with freezing temps and wind gusts over 30 mph. Now what?!

With the help of a good DSP (demand side platform), those previously-scheduled campaigns can now dynamically adjust to the real-time weather conditions. Marketing dollars allocated to outdoor picnics now get redirected to promote sales on winter clearance items. Campaigns highlighting 4×4 trucks splashing through spring rains leverage dynamic creative optimization (DCO) to swap out images and videos highlighting their performance in the snow. Streaming services promote binge-watching series and the local utility gives a final push on the benefits of using natural gas to heat your home. The list of examples is long, but the point is clear – with adversity (unexpected weather conditions) comes opportunity. What could have been a waste of advertising spend instead becomes an opportunity to hit the gas and use real-time weather data to laser-target media buys towards users experiencing specific/differing conditions.

As programmatic buying hits its stride, AerisWeather has been working with more and more ad tech firms to leverage historical, real-time and forecast weather data as an input to their data management platforms (DMP’s). Those campaigns have become increasingly creative and leverage a growing variety of the weather data endpoints currently offered by AerisWeather.

Whether you’re an agency professional, an in-house marketer, or an engineer building your own ad server (either internally or with Kevel), it’s time to embrace contextual weather data and the value it will bring to your next campaign. AerisWeather’s weather API is built to support these industry applications. and a free trial for your team is only a few clicks away.

Ross Machurick is AerisWeather’s Digital Advertising Account Executive. He can be reached at 414-687-6930 or rmachurick@aerisweather.com

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  1. Lenny Z.
    April 13, 2018 at 1:45 am

    Great topic! The weather API AerisWeather supplies is robust and accurate and the map layers within your AMP product provide insightful visuals. Thank You.

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