June 25

Air Quality Now Available In the WeatherBlox Wizard

A couple weeks ago we introduced the WeatherBlox wizard, but we weren’t going to stop there. We doubled down and added Air Quality views and a full page layout to our WeatherBlox Wizard.

Air Quality Views

There are 3 views available with our new AQI views, each of which provides an elegant depiction of pollutant data in or near your neighborhood. You can easily configure your preferred view in Step 3 of the wizard under the Data Type option. Let’s go over each individual view:


The observations view generates an estimated AQI based on a combination of nearby observation stations and model data. With this method we can provide the most detailed information for your exact location especially if a nearby station reports limited pollutants or is located several miles away. You’ll see an overall AQI, as well as individual pollutants that are used to calculate the index.

air quality obs

Nearby Stations

If you’re looking for a handful of air quality station readings near a specific location this is the right view for you. We will display up to 10 of the nearest stations, their overall AQI calculation, and the individual pollutants.

Nearby Stations AQI


The forecast air quality view will allow you to display up to 4 days in hourly increments. You can use the entire forecast period, or shorten it down to your specifications. In the example below I’m bypassing the default options and showing 12, 3-hour intervals:

Air Quality Forecast

Hint: You can link out to specific configurations of the wizard, such as the custom forecast shown above.

Air Quality Layout

The new layout takes all 3 views we just went over and combines them into a single full page layout. We’ve also added a Leaflet map containing AQI badges to help bring the entire layout together. You’ll have the ability to easily customize each individual view with the wizard, or simply use the default options to get your code snippet.

AQI Layout

Get started today and show your customers the quality of their air with the new AQI components available in the WeatherBlox Wizard.

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  1. July 31, 2018 at 3:58 am

    That’s a great widget providing air quality at given location, we have integrated it on our travel website.

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