August 21

Introducing AerisWeather’s New Integration with Zapier

Whether you’re a full stack developer or brand new to the world of APIs, we are all looking to reduce friction in our daily work tasks & projects. AerisWeather has been offering integration toolkits (SDKs) for years and has a suite of robust integrations for developers, including iOS, Android, JavaScript, and Python.  However, to allow all skill levels to integrate weather data into their workflows and software, we partnered with Zapier and developed a public application for use on their platform.

For those that have not experienced the ease of Zapier, they are an Integration Platform as a Service provider (IPaaS). In short, Zapier allows you to easily connect the processes and software your company may already be leveraging with 1000+ other applications and services—without any complicated code. AerisWeather is now ready for your next integration on the Zapier platform.

Imagine automatically alerting your staff of impending severe weather that may affect your supply chain, powering your SalesForce dashboard with local customer weather or, dynamically targeting your marketing campaigns with weather indicators.  The use cases are endless and with AerisWeather & Zapier, your ability to execute on these ideas is now easily within reach.

As you roll up your sleeves and start white-boarding integration ideas for your business, we thought we’d walk you through a simple Aeris/Slack integration that can be used for severe weather alerts. For more information or integration ideas check out our documentation and popular zaps.

Creating an AerisWeather Alert to Slack (example)

    1. Log into Zapier.  If you don’t have one and are trying out the integration, you can sign up for a free account.

  1. Create a New Zap by clicking on “Make a Zap!”

    Zapier Homepage

  2. Choose a Trigger App. In this case, we are going to use an AerisWeather combination Trigger/Search, so search for AerisWeather.

  3. Select the Trigger you want to start with.  In this demo, we’ll select “New Weather Alert”.

  4. If you have not done so yet, this will be where you are asked to connect your AerisWeather account by entering your Client ID & Secret keys.  If you don’t have one and are trying out the integration, you can sign up for a free developer account.

  5. To locate your API Key in your AerisWeather account:

    1. Sign in to your AerisWeather account.

    2. Click the “Apps” link above the “Today’s Usage” section.

    3. Copy the client id and client secret.

    4. Paste your key back into your Zapier account and then “Continue”.

      Connect AerisWeather + Zapier

      Insert AerisWeather ID & Secret

  6. If you haven’t already created an Application for Zapier, click the “NEW APPLICATION” button.

    1. Name the application “Zapier”.

    2. Enter an asterisk * for the Namespace.

    3. Repeat step 6.

      AerisWeather Apps Tab

      AerisWeather + Zapier Connection Success

  7. If all steps were successful, your AerisWeather account will now be successfully connected.

  8. Next, set your location, time zone, and update frequency.

  9. Click “Fetch & Continue” to test your integration.

  10. If you the integration is successful, you are ready to move on to the Action phase.

  11. Choose the desired action application.  In this demo, we’ll create an alert message in Slack.

  12. I’ve elected to choose to send a direct message to myself.  Click Continue.

  13. If you have not already connected your Slack account, now is the time. Once connected click “Save + Continue”.

  14. Set the Slack criteria to meet how you would like to see this alert message.  Once done click “Continue”.
  15. Finally, send yourself a “Test Slack” and you are done!

    Slack Alert Screenshot

More Info

Check out our documentation for more information or feel free to contact our technical support team for assistance. Additionally, our sales team is available to help you execute on your vision and provide guidance where possible.

We look forward to Zapping with you!

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