August 27

Introducing our New Geocolor Satellite

We are excited to announce the new geocolor satellite layer within the AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP). This new satellite layer uses the latest GOES-East imagery to provide pseudo-colorized visible satellite during the daylight hours and infrared satellite overnight.

Geo Color Satellite with Sun Setting Across the US

Geo Color Satellite with Sun Setting Across the US

Geocolor satellite imagery can provide high-resolution detail of all types of weather phenomena, such as storms, smoke and snowfall on the ground. Best of all, this new layer is available to all AMP users!

Geo Color Satellite Showing Wildfire Smoke in Minnesota

Geo Color Satellite Showing Wildfire Smoke in Minnesota

Geocolor satellite imagery updates every 15 minutes and can provide for some fantastic animations, as seen in this video of wildfire smoke from British Columbia streaming into Minnesota last week:


Integrating the new Geocolor Satellite Layer

To use the new layer into your project, use the layer name   with your various AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP) integrations.

Static Map

The following would request a static geocolor satellite map view of Key West, Florida:

Standalone Map Example of a Geo-Color Satellite View of Key West, FL

Standalone Map Example of a Satellite View of Key West, FL

Leaflet Example

The geocolor satellite layer can also be utilized with third-party mapping libraries, such as Leaflet:

WeatherBlox Example

If you are using our WeatherBlox widgets to add weather and maps to your website, then try the following example made with our WeatherBlox Wizard:

Start Using the Geocolor Satellite Today!

If you’re in need of high-resolution satellite imagery in your project, impress your users by using the new geocolor satellite layer! Try it out today with our free developer trial.

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