September 25

Kronnect Develops Weather Mapping Integration With Unity Plugin

Our friends at Kronnect created the World Political Map Globe Edition, a leading interactive map asset for the Unity Real-Time 3D Development Platform, with countless users leveraging it for game development, engineering, construction, architecture, transportation, and more. Kronnect developed an exclusive weather mapping integration with AerisWeather that allows users to leverage global weather mapping layers within their apps.  These layers range from global infrared satellite and temperatures to storm cells and lightning strikes – as well as many more view-able in the AerisWeather AMP (Aeris Mapping Platform) documentation. Start utilizing this weather mapping integration with your globe by inputting an active AerisWeather Client ID and Secret to your mapping URL.

Digital Thermal Map Interface

Ramiro Oliva, founder of Kronnect, highlights the enormous potential of blending different layers of weather data through an affordable and easy-to-use Unity plugin. “This integration adds a lot of value to an existing & trusted solution for the Unity platform and can be used to develop apps on over 20 platforms”.

AerisWeather’s AMP product allows users to quickly and easily integrate map layers into their application. As AMP conforms to the standards of WTMS EPSG:4326, it is easy to place AMP map tiles onto a number of common and uncommon map projections in 2D and 3D applications. From helping those in the transportation and logistics field route their drivers safely around inclement weather to fueling artificial intelligence applications that are revolutionizing energy usage for regional and national power grids, AerisWeather’s data & imagery is flexible for any application.

Interested in building your own AerisWeather mapping and data integration? Sign up for a free developer account or contact our sales staff today!

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  1. October 2, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Very helpful information for developers. Thank you so much for sharing.

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