February 27

Announcing Improvements to AerisWeather Maps

This week we are excited to announce new updates and features for AerisWeather Maps.

Japan Radar Expansion

Within the AerisWeather Mapping Platform, radar is consistently the most popular layer in our customer applications.  With this knowledge in mind, we are continuing to invest resources into improving its accuracy and coverage.  Today, we are excited to announce we have expanded radar imagery coverage to include Japan. The radar information will update every 15 minutes and is available as part of our standard radar layer, thus immediately available to all Maps subscribers.  Check out this example below and add your own Client ID and Secret to try it for yourself:

Radar map of Japan with weather layers

Global Radar (Derived)

While radar is our most popular mapping layer, it has historically come with some geographic limitations due to the lack of radar stations in certain regions of the planet.  While we could wait patiently for those stations to be funded and installed, we’ve chosen instead to invest in a faster solution – our newly released satellite-derived global radar or Global Radar (Derived). This layer utilizes data from strategic partners combined with our internal engineering & computing resources to provide a global view of where precipitation is estimated to be falling, including the precipitation type.

While technically less accurate than true radar, this derived radar can be beneficial when you need information in areas where traditional radar is not available, typically population-sparse regions, oceans, and certain countries.

The global derived radar updates every 15 minutes and is available using the  layer:

Radar map of world with weather layers

Global Radar (Derived) is available today to all subscribers as part of our AMP Premium product.   We look forward to seeing how you leverage it and as with all of our layers and endpoints, we will continue to enhance it over time based on customer input.  Please reach out and let us know what you think or what you’d like to see.

Other Maps Updates

Additionally, we have updated the snow depth layers, increasing their resolution. Now, these map layers are sharper and clearer than ever.

Radar map of New York with weather layers

Lastly, we have made updates to the speed of the lightning strike layers. With the latest update, these layers are now much faster, matching or exceeding the average speed of our other weather map layers.

Radar map of Ecuador with lightning overlay

Interested in trying out AerisWeather’s Weather Maps for your own project? Contact our dedicated sales team today or sign up now for a free trial!

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