March 16

Special Statement: Supporting Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research

Along with everyone, the Team at AerisWeather is aware of and concerned with the latest developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This global pandemic has been sparking fear and curiosity all around the globe with nearly 140,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases at time of this announcement. While certain groups are more at-risk, this virus does not discriminate and has created a serious public health crisis across much of the planet.

While it is yet unknown if environmental conditions affect the transmission of this virus, it is well-documented that many viruses like the common cold and seasonal influenza tend to thrive and spread more easily in certain weather conditions. When it comes to aerosol-transmitted viruses, history has shown that temperature, humidity, cloud cover, and other weather factors can and often do impact the duration of how long pathogenic particles remain airborne.

AerisWeather fully acknowledges the seriousness of this pandemic and routinely aids agencies and businesses in tackling these and similar issues. While we certainly don’t have the answers as to how environmental conditions may affect the COVID-19 virus, we do have the data global researchers may need to analyze and perhaps predict the spread and intensity of the virus.

If you are actively working on projects relating to the COVID-19 public health emergency, we are here to support your research. Please contact our team to gain access to relevant data.

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