April 1

Seeking a Dark Sky API alternative? AerisWeather is here to help.

Congrats to our friendly competitors at Dark Sky on their recently announced acquisition by Apple. As news has spread that their API will no longer accept new signups (and is to be discontinued at the end of 2021), we’ve been responding to inquiries regarding the migration of Dark Sky-powered applications. As product managers and software developers explore their options for a new weather partner, we thought it would be helpful to share some of the attributes we feel make AerisWeather shine in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

“By Developers, For Developers”

This has been our tagline since Day 1. AerisWeather’s pride in its product suite is apparent not only in the quality of our hyper-local environmental data but also in our industry-leading documentation. Our robust Wizards let developers quickly craft and implement the code they need.  A developer-first approach has always been our focus and will never wane as we continue to roll out advances to our suite of services.

Developer and Account Management Support

No one matches our Support Team. Period. This team includes a blend of software developers and weather experts to ensure you have access to the right expertise needed to integrate weather into your business or consumer application. Looking to walk through queries, implementation processes, and best practices? Our technical staff is standing by. If you’re open to discussing industry applications, value-add opportunities, or building a plan that matches your go to market approach, our Account Executives and Solution Engineers are available via phone and email.


One reason behind Dark Sky’s popularity was its privacy focus – it’s one of the reasons we’ve long respected them as a competitor. AerisWeather is proud to place an equal emphasis on safeguarding your information. Apps that use our weather API and services only provide us the IP from where the request originated and the location the data request is for. This data is kept in our logs for one week only to assist with troubleshooting purposes. We do not store user-identifiable data nor share any information with third parties. We do not sell your data. Ever.

Robust Product Suite

With one of the industry’s most comprehensive environmental data sets, we are proud to be a truly global weather data provider. Our weather API is a suitable replacement for Dark Sky data in nearly any application and delivers historical, current, and forecast data requests to every corner of the globe. In parallel with our API, the AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP) delivers stunning maps layers that are used across a wide variety of industries & platforms – anywhere from routing a vehicle around an approaching storm to powering severe weather alerting for teams in the field.


This recently relaunched website is one of our secret weapons.  It’s a dashboard tool for our large community of personal weather station (PWS) data contributors.  These proprietary observations are leveraged across our product suite and set us apart from suppliers leveraging only government data sources.

Truly Seamless Integration

With robust SDKs allowing you to implement the AerisWeather API in the programming language of your choice, it’s simple to get data flowing quickly. Extended functionality drives additional value with custom map modules in the AerisWeather JavaScript SDK.

Interested in getting up and running with a Dark Sky replacement? Contact our Sales team to learn more about how AerisWeather fits your application or visit our pricing page to learn more about our standard plans.

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