April 9

Bring Your Weather to Life with the new PWSweather.com

At AerisWeather, we crank out code to help businesses around the globe harness the power of weather. We’re also weather hobbyists, meteorologists, and hardware enthusiasts. This underlying passion for our work led to the creation of PWSweather, an online platform that allows users to collect, manage, and share their personal weather station data. While many of you reading this are already familiar with the previous iteration, we are excited to share that PWSweather has received a significant face-lift. Welcome to the new PWSweather.com.

Map Image with Temperatures for Cities

For the uninitiated, PWSweather.com provides the ability for personal weather station owners to analyze, visualize, and manage their data in real time. The relaunched PWSweather.com includes an improved dashboard, showing archived and real-time data in crisp, clean charts and graphs. This removes the necessity of clunky third-party software and off-platform analytics.

In addition, qualified PWSweather users are now also eligible to subscribe to the AerisWeather Contributor Plan, a no-cost service valued at over $400 that provides limited access to the AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP) and Weather API.  With the plan, those who share data with our network help improve the accuracy of software applications and forecasts in their local area and, receive 1,000 daily API calls and 3,000 map units for AerisWeather AMP for the duration of their contributions. This makes it an ideal solution for public entities such as schools and do-it-yourself hobbyists, especially in areas that are exposed to microclimates or that are far from traditional weather measurement sources. The endpoints and map layers provided allow for unique access to a blend of data and imagery that can inform educational and personal projects alike.

If you own a personal weather station that isn’t sending data to PWSweather.com, register today to put weather to work for you.

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