April 30

The Ease of Migrating from the Dark Sky API to AerisWeather

Dark Sky, an esteemed competitor, has been acquired by Apple. As part of the acquisition announcement, new API customer signups have been halted and the API service has been set on a path towards end-of-life. Throughout our competitive years, we have learned from one another and are proud to announce our efforts to assist the Dark Sky API community in finding a new home. The AerisWeather API is a comprehensive service that exceeds the bar set by Dark Sky and is built to support AerisWeather’s strong enterprise customer base. Let’s review!


AerisWeather provides current condition data via two unique endpoints. First is our “Conditions” endpoint which uses a variety of sources and models to return global current condition data for any time/location. Up next is our “Observations” endpoint which provides raw observed station readings from the closest stations to the requested location(s).

These endpoints benefit from our vast IoT network including thousands of global weather stations as well as a blend of global and regional weather models and analysis. With each response, the AerisWeather API returns a breadth of data including temperature, dew point, humidity, barometric pressure, wind direction, wind gust, solar radiation and more. Our gridded datasets and geographic precision add efficiency and scalability to a variety of industry solutions.

Historical Weather Data

To ignite the full spectrum of progressive artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, deep environmental analysis is often a necessity. Fortunately for today’s data science professionals, AerisWeather offers historical weather data via its powerful API. Seeking an alternate data format (eg. CSV or another type of flat file)? Contact our team and we can assist or advise to help you find a solution.


AerisWeather offers forecasts in a variety of daily and hourly increments and, for those looking to advise customers and systems of near-term changes, we support detailed minute-to-minute breakouts for the next 120 minutes.  Included in all forecast increments (day, hour, minute) is the full forecast breakdown including parameters such as precipitation, temperature, winds, dew point, weather type, and many more.


Our Alerts endpoint is the most geographically diverse in the industry – Severe Weather Alerts are available across the United States, Canada, and Europe. We’ve done the work to simplify each nation’s national weather alert system by providing that data in an easily consumable JSON and GeoJSON response. Looking for the increased alerting speed? Talk to our team about enabling Alert webhooks. By coupling our data with a webhook request format, users can eliminate unnecessary polling queries where there are no alerts – specified alert data is pushed to the user nearly instantly for the countries or regions defined by you.


Harness the power of AerisWeather AMP to visualize radar, lightning, alerts, and more

Increase user engagement and situational awareness with AerisWeather’s mapping layers. Looking to integrate within an existing mapping solution or are building a new one? The AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP) allows for ultimate flexibility. From radar and satellite to tropical storms, lightning strikes, and wave heights, this diverse mapping arsenal ensures you can communicate crucial weather events and patterns visually to your business or customers in real time.

Not convinced yet? Our JavaScript SDK aids in the addition of AerisWeather’s data and imagery within your custom applications. It also accepts proprietary and 3rd party data inputs, helping developers and project managers create an all-in-one solution.


No, not the magic kind – well, almost! What makes transitioning to a new API easier than providing a visual interface that writes the code for you? AerisWeather provides access to a variety of fields and parameters within our GUI-driven Wizards tool – meaning that with as little as 4 clicks, you can be up and running with data flowing into your application. Interested in trying our API and AMP Wizards? Create a developer account and take them for a spin!


COVID-19 Map Module

Quickly create interactive weather visualizations with AerisWeather’s Javascript SDK

If you’re a power user, AerisWeather has more tools to explore. Add rich client-side functionality and interactive weather data visualizations on the fly using our powerful roster of Software Development Kits. With options of varying maturity for nearly every mainstream programming language and platform, developers can feel at home with AerisWeather.


Weather never sleeps and neither will your data. Those who work with us know it’s hard to beat AerisWeather’s support team. Our smallest of plans come with a dedicated account representative who will assist along the way, but for those who require a strict SLA and optimal uptime, AerisWeather also offers enterprise-grade support plans.


PWSweather is one of the secret weapons created and used by AerisWeather. From smart home gurus to weather sensitive businesses and enthusiasts, the ability to incorporate your data into the API you rely on is a luxury we are happy to support. At PWSweather.com we help integrate your station data by natively supporting several hardware brands out of the box while providing guidance for non-native devices.
For those that may have personal weather applications, by contributing data to PWSweather.com you will receive complimentary access to our “Contributor Subscription”. AerisWeather eagerly provides thousands of API and Mapping Platform accesses bringing your weather projects to life.

Interested in learning more about our competitive weather offerings or ready to begin the migration to AerisWeather? Contact our Sales or Support team to get started.

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