October 1

Improved Weather Conditions

In June, we announced the new weather conditions endpoint which went into public beta initially. Since then, we’ve made several improvements to this endpoint which results in much-improved conditions information with the release of our AerisWeather API v1.14. Check out the release history to review the complete list of improvements in this API release.

Improved Current Conditions

The most popular usage of our new conditions endpoint is to obtain the weather conditions occurring right now for any given location. In this case, just query the conditions endpoint without time parameters or include the for=now parameter: /conditions/minneapolis,mn.

Alternatively, use the for parameter: /conditions/minneapolis,mn?for=now.

Since we’re now utilizing recent radar information and nearby observations with this data set, you will notice improved conditions and accuracy with this API release.

Expanded Historical Weather Conditions

Our initial beta release of the conditions endpoint supported weather conditions within the past 24 hours. We have since expanded the available data sources, allowing the conditions endpoint to provide hourly gap-free data for any point globally for the past 30 days.

Historical conditions are also available back through 2011, though limited to regions where data is available. Over the coming weeks, we will be expanding our hourly gap-free global coverage through the past 10 years of the weather conditions archive!

Requesting Conditions for a Point in Time

For example, to obtain the weather conditions for Minneapolis, MN at noon yesterday:


Or the conditions three days ago at 2:12 pm:

/conditions/minneapolis,mn?for=-3days 2:12pm

Alternatively, the conditions on May 9th, 2018 at 9:46 pm:

/conditions/minneapolis,mn?for=2018-05-09 21:46:00

Hourly Conditions:

Hourly weather conditions are available historically for up to 24 hours at a time. For example, you can return today’s hourly conditions:

/conditions/minneapolis,mn?from=today midnight&to=now

Or, return data for a specific date, such as May 9, 2019:

/conditions/minneapolis,mn?from=2019-05-09 00:00:00&to=+24hours

Note that the historical add-on may be required to go beyond the current day.

Conditions Summaries

Complimenting the conditions endpoint is the new conditions/summary endpoint. This new summary endpoint assists in summarizing the hourly conditions by day or across a custom timeframe.

For example, to obtain a daily summary for today:


Or return the daily summary for yesterday:


Check out our blog on the conditions/summary endpoint for more information on its capabilities!

Start Integrating Weather Conditions Today!

With all of the great improvements to the conditions endpoint, we recommend checking it out for use in your custom applications.  The conditions endpoint is available to AerisWeather API Premium users as well as during our free developer trial. Check out the new conditions API and tell us how you’re using it!

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