October 7

Rachio Added to PWSweather Integrations Center

As we’ve shared before, AerisWeather has relaunched PWSweather with a fresh new look and additional functionality this year. With a rapidly growing station network, we’re excited to announce our new Integrations Center which will highlight the countless applications that permit personal weather station (PWS) owners to take the data collected right in their back yard and pipe it directly into their weather-inclusive app of choice. Today, we’re excited to announce the first entry to the list: Rachio!

What is Rachio?

Rachio produces Smart Irrigation Controllers and natural lawn care treatments. Whether you have a beautiful lawn or keep a couple of small gardens, Rachio is the perfect tool to keep the landscaping of your investment attractive and reduce irrigation costs. By intuitively integrating with AerisWeather’s station network as well as your home irrigation system of choice, Rachio allows hyper-local, automated insights to drive your watering schedule and volume.

For those that don’t currently own a Rachio controller, you can purchase one directly at Rachio.com or via an authorized Rachio installer.
Per Rachio’s guidance, Rachio 3 controllers and Rachio controllers with Weather Intelligence Plus installed should not utilize a standalone PWS as a weather source for best results. Utilizing “Weather Network” by default for Rachio 3 devices will take advantage of interpolation and analysis from all nearby stations to further improve accuracy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share data if you own a Rachio 3, but the contrary! Sharing data on PWSweather with Rachio 3 devices improves the accuracy of measurements for yourself and all of those around you.
rachio mobile interface

Pairing a PWSweather Station with your Rachio Controller:

Adding your PWSweather station to Rachio is simple. First, you need to be transmitting data on the PWSweather network. To do so, follow the steps from the PWSweather FAQ. Once you have confirmed your station is transmitting, simply follow these steps to navigate to the Weather Data Source interface:

  1. Open the Rachio App on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select the “More” menu in the bottom footer of the application.
  3. Tap “Controller Settings” to arrive at a screen that appears like the one to the left.
  4. Then, click on Weather Intelligence to get to your controller’s weather settings.
  5. Click “Weather Station” under “Weather Data Source” to update to your station of choice.

Selecting Your Station

From this point, you can easily select your station or a nearby one. Simply click “Done” to confirm your change and lock in your Rachio controller’s new weather data source!

Interested in other apps you can power with your PWS? Check out the PWSweather Integrations Center regularly for updates.

Add PWS support to your own app!

Interested in bringing Personal Weather Station support into your own application? Reach out to our team to discuss options to access the market potential of our growing PWSweather community.

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