March 9

Expanded Global Historical Weather Conditions

Last summer, we introduced the conditions endpoint. Since it’s release, we have been working on improving the endpoint and adding additional data sources and historical weather conditions. Recently, we integrated infrared satellite as an additional data source, and with our AerisWeather API v1.16 release, we are announcing support for expanded global historical conditions. Check out the release history to review the complete list of improvements in this API release.

Global Historical Weather Conditions

In October, we expanded support for global hourly gap-free weather conditions for the past 30 days and over ten years of historical conditions for limited regions based on observation availability. We are excited to announce that the conditions endpoint now offers global gap-free weather conditions from today through April 2011 with no limitation based on nearby observation data!

You can now query the conditions endpoint for any latitude/longitude globally for a point in time or hourly conditions and obtain the weather conditions. We can offer this capability by integrating additional data sources, such as re-analysis data and new observation sources, to offer accurate and timely conditions globally.

Please note that depending on your subscription, the Historical API add-on may be required to access archive conditions beyond the past 24 hours.

Requesting Historical Conditions for a Point in Time

To obtain historical conditions for a point in time, provide the date/time with   parameter:

For example, to obtain the conditions for May 9, 2018, at 9:46 pm for Minneapolis, MN:

Or for any point globally, pass the latitude and longitude coordinates:

For example, using the latitude/longitude for Paris, France:

Requesting Hourly Conditions:

Hourly conditions are available for up to 24 hours per API request. To obtain hourly conditions, use the  and  parameters.

For example, to return the hourly conditions for Sydney, Australia for May 9, 2018, from midnight to midnight local time:

Start Integrating Weather Conditions Today!

With the recent significant improvements and global data expansion, we highly recommend checking out the new conditions endpoint and using it in place of the older observations endpoint.

The conditions endpoint is available to AerisWeather API Premium users and with our free developer trial. Check out the new conditions API and tell us how you’re using it!

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