March 16

Announcing Free AerisWeather HTML Weather Widgets

In response to popular demand, AerisWeather is thrilled to share the release of new, simple, single location, and more importantly, free HTML weather widgets to display basic weather conditions on the website of your choice. These widgets are customizable in look and feel and are value-driving additions for websites of all varieties, especially local media, small business, hobby sites, forums, and other digital platforms where weather provides important context for safety and activity planning. An example is provided below:


Ready to get started building your own? Simply input your contact information on this page and begin modifying colors, text, and formatting for your weather widget in the Widget Wizard.

1. Select Widget Type

First, we can select from one of 8 basic widget layouts in varying sizes and with varying information. Select your widget layout of choice and you’ll be taken to Step 2.

Widget type selector

2. Setup Options

Add your location via entering the place name, PWS station, ZIP code, or latitude and longitude coordinate of choice. Next, take the opportunity to apply any custom styles and features to your widget. This can include metric system readings, light and dark premade themes to fit your specific branding requirements and guidelines.


Don’t like the preview you see? You can always change to another widget layout by clicking “Previous” and selecting another.

Search for any location with the location search tool, then customize your colors and units

You can also flex your creativity with custom color options. Just open the Custom Colors menu and use the color picker or hex values to modify any part of the widget. Some examples are below:
Seoul's Weather in the colors of the South Korean flag

Roseau, MN Weather in Local Hockey Colors

Deadhorse, Alaska Weather in Brilliant Blue

3. Copy and Paste Your Code

Once you’ve selected a layout, theme, measurement unit, and custom colors, the only thing left to do is to copy your custom code above into the location on your website you’d like your widget to be placed. Your widget should render instantly.

Copy your snippet using the code snippet box

Try WeatherBlox for Advanced Features

Our premium widget offering, WeatherBlox, will remain the same as it always has, though a facelift is on our roadmap. If you’d like to get started with the power of WeatherBlox for developers, which contains more advanced features like IP-based and multiple locations, alerting, and radar displays, contact our sales team or sign up for a free developer account to get started. Existing widgets users will also find the “Upgrade” button at the bottom of this page.

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