April 7

Improved GeoColor Satellite Map Imagery

Our GeoColor Satellite imagery provides a uniquely colorized satellite view, including both land and water surfaces and is visible during the day and the evening. Since its introduction, it has proven to be one of our most popular satellite layers. Today we are announcing a significant upgrade to this layer, expanding its coverage to be fully global! This improvement is part of our recent AerisWeather Maps update. Check out the release history for this and other recent improvements.

Accessing the Improved GeoColor Satellite

If you are already utilizing the GeoColor Satellite layer, then no changes are required. The expanded coverage is within the existing layer and will be available in your applications.

If you would like to integrate the improved layer within your application, use the  layer name within your applications. You may also want to include the  overlay to include outlines and city names above the GeoColor Satellite layer.

For example, here’s a static map view of the world:

Global Geocolor Satellite View

Global GeoColor Satellite View

or the same image using our AerisWeather Maps Wizard.

Or, an example centered over Tokyo, Japan:

Geocolor Satellite over Japan

GeoColor Satellite over Japan

or via the AerisWeather Maps Wizard.

Create a GeoColor Globe

Now that the GeoColor Satellite has global coverage, what’s cooler than rendering it on a globe!

Geocolor Satellite Globe

GeoColor Satellite Globe

To create the above globe, use our ArcGIS JS API Globe example and update the layer name to be  as visible in the code below, or check out a working example.


Start Mapping Today

The layer is available to all AerisWeather Maps subscribers! If you’re new to Maps, don’t forget to visit the product pagedocumentation and sign up for a free 30-day trial to access your platform-agnostic weather mapping tiles.

Ready to get started with AerisWeather with a unique use case? Our accounts team is ready to assist you. Contact us today!

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