April 7

Improved UK Alerts

A few months ago, we expanded our weather alerting to include most of Europe, both within our AerisWeather API and AerisWeather Maps.

Today we are announcing improved coverage and resolution for alerts over the United Kingdom! We achieve these improvements by integrated the alerts directly from the UK Met Office.

Accessing the improved UK weather alerts is the same as before, simply query the alerts endpoint for locations within the United Kingdom.

Query by City, Country

Return active alerts for London:

Or for Glasgow, Scotland:

Note that the two-letter ISO country code for the UK is GB. Though if, by chance UK is passed to the API, it will also be accepted.

Query by Latitude/Longitude

You can query using latitude, longitude, which is perfect for mobile users—for example, requesting London’s alerts via a latitude/longitude.

Differences with UK Alerts

Within the US, the NWS issues alerts by weather zones or county/parish FIPs codes. Environment Canada issues Canadian alerts via Canadian Location Codes (CLCs). Within Europe, MeteoAlarm issues weather alerts via alert zones.

The UK Met Office issues weather warnings via polygons, meaning the  attribute within the alert api response will not be a standard weather/alert zone but dynamically generated for the alert. Additionally, the places endpoint for UK locations will return a  value for  attribute.

Maps with UK Alerts

If you have integrated our alerts layer into your applications, no changes are required to utilize the improved UK alerts. If you would like to start integrating weather alert maps, utilize the alerts layer.

UK Weather Alerts for Glasgow

UK Weather Alerts for Glasgow

Alternatively, you can use our AMP Wizard:

Start Integrating Alerts Today

Check out the map builder for quickly creating maps, review our growing list of available layers, or learn more about AerisWeather Maps with our Getting Started section.

Start mapping the weather today with a free developer trial or by contacting our accounts team!

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