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May 6

6 Ways to Monetize Consumer Mobile Apps with AerisWeather

In 2020 alone, mobile apps from the App Store and Google Play Store grossed more than $111 billion from in-app purchases according to SensorTower – a nearly three-fold increase from 2016. With so many great mobile apps launching every day in a hyper-competitive market, understanding your options to produce incremental revenue is crucial. Advertising remains one of the most popular means of monetization for consumer mobile apps, but we’ve all thumbed through apps and been interrupted by ads that completely disrupt the user experience. Crafty developers are circumnavigating this need to advertise by incorporating advanced features for a monthly or annual fee,...

May 3

What is a “Mesocyclone”? Lingering Confusion Over “Watches” vs. “Warnings” – Flood Risk Impact on Home Values

Header Image: Docks In By Late April?Paul Douglas Summer Heat Building Gulf Coast. Looking out 2 weeks GFS guidance shows a series of annoyingly persistent cool fronts impacting the northern tier of the USA, while the start of what looks like an early summer heatwave is taking shape over the southern U.S. 8th Cloudiest April Since 1963 at MSP.Minnesota State Climatology Office “Mescocyclone”NOAA What is a Mesocyclone? Not your generic, garden-variety thundershower. Meteorologist Brad Panovich at explains: “…A mesocyclone is not something you hear all the time, but when your local Meteorologist says it, that likely means there is...