June 8

Migrate From the Dark Sky API to AerisWeather Without Writing a Single Line of Code

With Apple’s acquisition of Dark Sky in April 2020, it was announced that they would no longer accept new API signups and sunset existing accounts by the end of March 2023. With that deadline rapidly approaching, we are excited to share the following guide for migrating your current Dark Sky subscription to AerisWeather, the Dark Sky API replacement, without ever writing a single API query. Thanks to our powerful Wizards, you’ll gain the ability to drop accurate and reliable AerisWeather API queries into your scripts and applications with just a few clicks. As a bonus, we’ve highlighted geographic region expansion as well as a number of additional endpoints and mapping layers that were never available via the Dark Sky API.

Free Weather API Access

A great alternative for users on Dark Sky’s low-volume API plans is an option for free Weather API access from AerisWeather. Did you know that any user with a weather station can share data on PWSweather.com in exchange for free weather API and weather mapping access? The PWSweather Contributor Plan immediately creates value from your own data, both for for yourself and for users of weather-influenced applications nearby.

Interested in learning more? Check out the PWSweather Contributor Plan.

A Brighter Dark Sky API Replacement

We’re excited to share that we have mapped our dataset to Dark Sky’s, so you don’t have to – highlighting more detailed and geographically broad data relevant to Dark Sky API users than any other weather provider. Beginning with some quick and easy query swaps, you can directly drop in the following URL requests into your application to future-proof your app from Dark Sky’s deprecation.

Forecasts (7 & 15-Day)

AerisWeather users can take advantage of short and long-term forecasts to provide detailed insights into upcoming weather conditions at multiple levels of granularity. Our API provides 15-day forecasts, a strong improvement over free weather APIs on the market. The following are demonstrations of simple queries.

AerisWeather Forecasts (7 day):

AerisWeather Forecasts (15 day):

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Forecast Data

Minute-by-Minute Precipitation Forecasts

Dark Sky offered Minute-to-Minute precipitation forecasts, but AerisWeather takes this popular feature a step further with our take on minutely forecasts (available within the Conditions endpoint). Expand your geographic boundaries by gathering global environmental data. This feature provides a highly accurate forecast to let you know the minute, not the hour, that precipitation will start. Shine a light on near-term weather conditions with minute-by-minute forecasts by AerisWeather.

Build your own query and view a sample response (Be sure to select “Minutely Precip On” within the Parameters section of this Wizard):

Request Minutely Precip Data

Current Conditions

The AerisWeather Conditions endpoint also unlocks a trove of hyperlocal weather data for current conditions anywhere on the globe. Countless industries utilize this endpoint to fuel their operations. From transportation and logistics to consumer weather applications, the AerisWeather API’s conditions endpoint takes meteorological science one step further than competitors. By utilizing true interpolation (rather than settling for nearby station analysis), AerisWeather provides a hyperlocal response anywhere on the globe.

AerisWeather users can also retrieve forecasts from the Conditions endpoint. This example shows 6 hour forecast periods over the following 2 days. We recommend this endpoint for requesting nearer-term forecasts:

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Current Conditions Data


Take advantage of severe weather alerts in more places. The AerisWeather Alerts endpoint is seeing constant refinement and expansion while providing local weather alerts in the same format they are issued by the government and meteorological authorities. By utilizing this endpoint via the API or a custom webhook subscription, users can easily plot international and domestic weather alerts while notifying their assets as soon as an alert is published:

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Alerts Data

Your AerisWeather subscription provides access to all of these additional datasets not available to current Dark Sky subscribers:

Current and Forecast AQI

Add detailed particulate matter data to your project with AerisWeather’s global air quality index endpoint. Expanding beyond Dark Sky’s original capabilities, this endpoint responds with data about common pollutants including ozone and other particulate matter counts. Air quality forecasts are also available. These forecasts allow developers to highlight upcoming periods of poor air quality to users with health or operational sensitivities:

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Air Quality Data

Lightning Strikes

AerisWeather’s global lightning capabilities, powered by Vaisala’s leading global lightning detection network, are both strikingly detailed and granular, allowing users to filter and sort nearby strikes with great accuracy. Note: Users of this endpoint can utilize our webhook functionality to avoid inefficient polling across wider regions for lightning activity:

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Lightning Data


The AerisWeather Threats endpoint is a proprietary addition to our US dataset, providing a distinctive weather summary alongside detailed threat information, including storm velocity, severity, and any associated warnings. It’s also supported by our JavaScript SDK for mapping capabilities:

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Threats Data

Tropical Cyclones

Our Weather API supports tracking tropical cyclones and invests around the globe. “Closest” and “Within” actions permit users to narrow their results:

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Tropical Cyclone Data


Track active wildfires across the U.S and Canada with AerisWeather’s fires endpoint:

Build your own query and view a sample response:

Request Fire Data

HD Tile Mapping Layers

Weather tile mapping layers by AerisWeather are highly customizable and embeddable. Increase situational awareness and engagement with our global high-resolution radar, visualized threats (storm cells, lightning strikes, etc.), and polygon-based alerts.

AerisWeather Maps provides nearly any AerisWeather endpoint as striking HD weather tile layers.

Users can also take advantage of our Wizards to produce maps that are interactive, static, or in WTMS-compatible tile mapping formats.

Check out our weather mapmaking tools:

View AerisWeather Wizards
Visit Map Builder

Standing by to Assist

Answering and exceeding the needs of Dark Sky API users have been top priorities for our team at AerisWeather and we’re dedicated to improving these datasets as well.

Are you a Dark Sky API user looking to integrate your next weather data source prior to deprecation? If so, reach out to learn about other ways AerisWeather’s suite of weather data products can replace and add more value to your existing weather use case. Alternatively, sign up for a developer account today and start building with AerisWeather!

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