June 9

6 AerisWeather Features to Convert Mobile App Users to Paid Subscribers

In 2020 alone, mobile apps from the App Store and Google Play Store grossed more than $111 billion from in-app purchases according to SensorTower – a nearly three-fold increase from 2016. With so many great mobile apps launching every day in a hyper-competitive market, developers need to understand what options they have in providing value to app users to remain relevant in the marketplace.

We’ve all thumbed through poorly-designed apps and been interrupted by ads that completely disrupt the user experience, it’s unpleasant and distracting when done incorrectly. As an alternate means of monetization, weather-influenced apps are rapidly shifting their model to a subscription basis for advanced features. At AerisWeather, we’re thrilled to be providing the value-add data and mapping layers that make these subscriptions desirable for so many of our clients. Below are 6 powerful features that will entice your users into a lasting source of recurring revenue:

1. Current Conditions (AerisWeather API)

AerisWeather is an available data source on nearly every market-leading weather app. Publishers are utilizing lat/lon and user IP-based location awareness within their mobile apps, gaining access to our calculated, hyper-local weather conditions anywhere on the globe.

Developers also incorporate route-based weather features for apps where navigation features are present, aiding drivers, cyclists, runners, and more as they move along a path. By breaking free of grid and station-based weather data measurements, AerisWeather opens up a new level of precision for developers to provide global environmental conditions to their users.

Learn more about Conditions in our Weather API Documentation or try it yourself with the AerisWeather API Wizard.

Hello Weather

Hello Weather delivers detailed and informative weather data for anywhere on the globe using the AerisWeather Conditions Endpoint.

Bonus: Minute-by-Minute Forecasts Included

As Dark Sky fades away and developers begin to search for a replacement, AerisWeather is here to brighten your data with our new Minutely Precipitation forecasts via the Conditions endpoint. This feature expands beyond traditional forms of nearest neighbor-based interpolation employed by other providers and allows users to get calculated weather information for any point on the globe for a full 1-hour, minute-by-minute forecast. This technology is powered by one of the largest weather-specific IoT networks in the world (exclusive to AerisWeather) in conjunction with other traditional sources of weather data. Keep your users from getting caught in the rain by utilizing filter=1min within the Conditions endpoint.

2. 15-Day Forecasts (AerisWeather API)

Most weather sources, especially the free ones, only provide a limited 7-day forecast at most. Implementing our extended 15-day forecasts is an easy way to convert free users to paid subscribers. Other weather providers give access to 7-day forecasts, AerisWeather allows developers to include more than double the forecast duration (in hour/minute increments) so hunters, resort guests, drivers on and off-road, and weather app consumers alike gain deeper visibility when they need it most.

Want to test out this endpoint with your own 15-day forecast? Sign up for an AerisWeather Developer account or utilize your existing API subscription with the API Wizard.

Huntwise App

HuntWise provides detailed 15-day forecasts within their Elite membership tier.


3. Radar and Severe Weather Layers (AerisWeather Maps)

AerisWeather Maps unlocks a trove of mapping features that directly translate our weather API data into high-resolution visuals for apps within any platform or use case. Our striking, HD global radar and GeoColor Satellite along with storm cells, lightning strikes, and alerts are the most popular map layer that publishers incorporate into their app(s). AerisWeather improves upon traditional weather radar and incorporates a breadth of diverse map layers unavailable from any other weather data provider. This increases situational awareness and protects your users and assets from the most dangerous conditions mother nature has to offer.

Interested in taking Maps for a spin? You can create your own map in the AerisWeather Maps Wizard to formulate your own request or visit our proprietary Map Builder from within Your Account. Map Builder will allow for more customizations, as you can drag and drop layers, change opacity, and select various modifiers.


Carrot Weather

AerisWeather provides the weather mapping overlays for CARROT Weather, available as a premium feature on the iOS app.

4. Alerts and Threats (AerisWeather API)

AerisWeather’s Alerts provide immediate notifications when governing authorities issue severe weather warnings, watches, or statements. Available in the United States, Canada, and Europe, this feature works in tandem with your application’s user interface and can fuel push/text notification activity, allowing users to be notified that conditions have become unsafe or pose a threat to daily activities. If timing is crucial, avoid polling for alerts via our API by taking advantage of our webhook functionality for a faster and more efficient alerting function.

Looking to provide your users with life-saving alerts? Request this endpoint using the constraints of a polygonradius, or other popular actions to ensure your users are only receiving relevant alerts.

The AerisWeather Threats endpoint goes beyond just NWS-issued tornado and severe storm warnings by providing a detailed summary on threatening storms that may impact a users location. Currently supported in the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico, the Threats Endpoint utilizes data from various sources, including radar, storm cells, severe weather alerts, convective outlooks, satellites, lightning strike density, etc., to provide a micro-level storm threat response. The API requests are processed when requested, looking at approaching storms and storms currently passing through, while also ignoring storms that have passed or are not approaching a specific location. Alongside Alerts, this endpoint is easily ingested into weather mapping apps as a point-based summary or a polygonal coverage area by utilizing our powerful SDKs.

Learn more about the Threats endpoint in our recent engineers’ blog

Weather Gods Features

Weather Gods offers our severe weather alerts as a premium feature to keep users out of harm’s way.

5. Air Quality (AerisWeather API)

AerisWeather’s air quality data provides an in-depth look at particulate counts for the 6 most commonly measured pollutants for any location on the globe. This powerful endpoint is a favorite when it comes to monetizing and creating true value for users of consumer weather and outdoor recreation apps, bringing peace of mind to those with health conditions and sensitivities as they venture out of their homes.

Air quality forecasts are also available for users looking to plan ahead. AerisWeather incorporates this crucial data into our industry-leading datasets with a deep-rooted knowledge of the impact that environmental and weather conditions can have on overall air quality.


Transparent Clock and Weather provides AerisWeather Air Quality data as part of a monthly or yearly subscription.

6. PWS Integrations (AerisWeather API)

With tens of thousands of weather stations already in our network, the AerisWeather API provides meaningful data ingest and distribution functionality. Developers can create premium features allowing app users to select their own compatible weather station hardware as a weather data source in any application. This feature is a favorite among the smart home automation and outdoor recreation crowd. By creating an interactive map and allowing users to select stations or search a station name that shares data on PWSweather, user-provided, QAed measurements sensors are immediately unlocked as a definitive source of truth for your app’s users.

Rachio‘s companion app to their smart sprinkler products allows you to use your own weather station hardware to maintain the perfect lawn.

Monetize Your App With AerisWeather

AerisWeather offers many levels of depth and detail depending on region, subscription level, and budget. Whether you’re utilizing Maps tiles for visualizing incoming weather conditions or harnessing the AerisWeather API via our iOS and Android SDKs, opportunities to add premium, value-driving features to your app(s) are endless. Get started today with our 30-day free trial or contact our sales team for more information.

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