June 2

Heat Wave Building – Hottest Spot on Earth – Hurricane and Derecho Season Begins

ECMWF Temperature Anomaly (F) from June A July-Like Hot Front Is Shaping Up I don’t mind the heat at all. Then again, I can go indoors and fall asleep in air conditioned comfort – or go jump in a lake, as I’m encouraged to do frequently. Where can I enjoy the most extreme heat on Planet Earth? I sell my condo in Death Valley, California and purchase a cheap timeshare in Iran’s Lut Desert to experience otherworldly heat. A recent analysis of satellite data shows this salt desert in eastern Iran has seen temperatures as high as 177.4F, the...

June 2

Drought Intensifies Western USA – Heat Forecast to Build – Will 5G Improve Severe Storm Warnings?

Jeff Berardelli, Twitter NOAA, CBS News NOAA, CBS News Slow Simmer. June will be a hot month for most of the nation, a little relief predicted for the Pacific Northwest by mid-month, but most of the United States will be united in our need for air conditioning and large, cool bodies of water. NOAA NOAA 2020 HurricanesNOAA Hurricane Special: National Storm Surge Forecast Model Updated, Increases Time Needed in Case of Evacuation. CBS Miami has news of upgraded storm surge predictions coming for the 2021 hurricane season; here’s an excerpt: “…There are parts of southern Dade, a storm surge can...

A view of the ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery as seen from the surrounding neighborhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S., May 15, 2021. Picture taken May 15, 2021. REUTERS/Kathleen Flynn
June 2

Amazon Pitching In for Hurricane Season – Derecho Season – Summer Climate Trends

Simmering, Sizzling Weekend Heat Spike ”It’s not the heat, it’s the humility.” Close enough for a meteorologist. On Twitter Thomas Braun reminded me that we are the Florida of Canada. Good point. I’ve often wondered if Canadians complain about “hot, American air” this time of year? A notable heat spike is on the way. Friday and Saturday look like the hottest days in sight. Mid 90s will be commonplace; record territory for many cities across the Upper Midwest. International Falls saw 35F and flurries last Wednesday. On Saturday the daytime high at INL is forecast to be a blazing 98F....