July 1

Tracking Storm Threats With the Severe Weather Module

In March, we introduced the popular Severe Weather Module for use with the AerisWeather Interactive Map App to track storm threats. We’ve since added a new feature that allows you to tap into the power of the AerisWeather Threats endpoint within the Interactive Map App. There’s no need to write code to query the AerisWeather API Threats Endpoint, we’ve taken care of the hard part. All you have to do now is click on the map to display approaching storm threats in the infopanel.

Threats Endpoint Background

The Threats Endpoint is one of many severe weather endpoints in the AerisWeather API. It’s much more than just National Weather Service warnings, it utilizes a plethora of other meteorological-related parameters as well and returns comprehensive threat information for approaching storms as well as storms passing overhead.

How to Enable Storm Threats in the Severe Weather Module Infopanel

By default, clicking on the Interactive Map App will open the infopanel which displays an abundance of local weather information (when enabled). To override this behavior and show Storm Threats info in the infopanel, we simply pass in the


 parameter upon Severe Weather Module instantiation.

app.modules.add(new Severe( {showThreats: true}));

Now instead of local weather populating the infopanel, the Storm Threats will appear using the information returned by the Threats Endpoint. Tracking storm threats more easily than ever with this detailed data in at your fingertips.


Storm Threats Infopanel

Next Steps

To get started using the Severe Module with threats enabled, get an AerisWeather developer account and follow along with the instructions of the Severe Weather Module on GitHub.

For more information about the Threats Endpoint, please visit this recent blog post or check out our docs page.

Happy Coding!

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