August 5

Changes to AerisWeather Pricing and Services

We are excited to share our updated and recently-released pricing plans! The newly streamlined structure is a direct result of client and market feedback – and we’re confident you’ll see near-term benefits as a customer of AerisWeather. Here are three big changes you’re sure to appreciate:

Introducing AerisWeather Flex: A Value-Packed Bundle

AerisWeather Flex is a new plan released to AerisWeather users that unlocks the power of AerisWeather Maps (previously AerisWeather Mapping Platform or “AMP”) and our Weather API as part of the same robust package of global weather data solutions. Users are no longer required to maintain separate API and Maps plans on their account to utilize our industry-leading mapping solutions in conjunction with our data products. Best of all? This functionality brings a discount to consolidated plans!

Premium Features for All

AerisWeather’s plans now include Premium features by default. Whether you’re subscribing to Flex, API, or Maps, you’ll now have every available endpoint and/or map layer – no upgrades, special packages, or add-ons necessary!

New Monthly Plan Limits

Our legacy plans relied on daily limits to determine user allotments – but weather is full of highs, lows, extremes, and averages. In acknowledgment of this, we’ve updated all new AerisWeather subscription options to monthly plan limits, allowing for more volatility within a subscription period and flexible data usage limits that work for your business. These monthly limits do not apply to legacy AerisWeather customers and will require switching to one of our new plans to unlock.

What About My Current Plan?

Already have an AerisWeather subscription? Nothing changes! Existing AerisWeather plans will continue to be supported – but should you have an interest in exclusive features of the new plan structure, such as monthly usage limits, your dedicated Account Executive can help.

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are and look forward to further enhancing our offerings in the future. If you have any additional questions regarding these updates, evaluating which of our plans is best for your business, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re happy to help!

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