March 10

AerisWeather Android SDK 2.7.0

We have released v2.7.0 of the Android SDK. This release adds support for the conditions endpoint, the new fire perimeter support within the fires endpoint, many bug fixes, and other minor enhancements. Review the change history for a complete list of changes within the new release.

Conditions Endpoint Support

With this release, the Android SDK now directly supports the conditions endpoint. With the conditions support, you can fetch weather conditions for any latitude/longitude right now, any time over the past ten years, or for up to the next 15 days.

The conditions endpoint is an excellent option to replace the observations endpoint for current weather conditions. The conditions endpoint will provide estimated weather conditions versus a nearby observation station at the requested location.

The following is an example of how to query the weather conditions for right now:

An example of using the conditions support within a batch request from the Demo Application:

Use Alerts, Not Advisories

Several years ago, the alerts endpoint replaced the now-deprecated advisories endpoint within the AerisWeather API. While the endpoint name changed, the response is the same.

If you use , your application will continue to work, though you will now receive a deprecation warning. Instead, utilize .

Get Started Using AerisWeather’s Android SDK v2.7.0

We hope you enjoy the new version and can’t wait to see what you make next! Contact our sales team or sign up for a developer account to get started today.

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