Articles by Anastasia Manner

May 31

Introducing Vaisala Xweather: Winds of Change in the Weather Data and Software Space

An Interview with AerisWeather’s Co-Founder, Michael Vaughan. In October of 2022, the Vaisala Xweather product suite was launched, bringing with it changes in the way the weather data, hardware, and software space functions. Xweather Marketing Manager Anastasia Manner recently interviewed AerisWeather co-founder Michael Vaughan about the history behind Xweather and how, exactly, we got here. Are you curious? Read on to learn about the Vaisala acquisition of AerisWeather and the birth of the Xweather brand. AM: Tell us a bit about the state of things for AerisWeather prior to acquisition. MV: Years ago, we recognized that while there were numerous...

May 19

Lightning’s True Cost: Offshore LNG Safety with Weather Data

Weather affects almost all business operations, with some quite literally depending on it. Offshore operations, like liquid natural gas (LNG) handling at sea, is a good example. Naturally, severe weather poses a significant safety risk to highly-flammable cargo like oil and gas, particularly during loading and unloading. Where oil and gas products are concerned, lightning is one of the greatest hazards – especially at sea. Maritime Lightning Risks The likelihood of water being struck decreases the further the area is from shore and the deeper the water gets. Although lightning doesn’t strike the ocean as frequently as it does land,...