December 10

Aeris iOS Weather Framework 1.1.6 Released

We pushed out a minor update to our Aeris iOS Weather framework 1.1.6 today that fixes a few bugs with the interactive map and auto-rotation as well as improving the way the core account initialization is performed when launching your custom app. Refer to the complete 1.1.6 change log for more details as to the fixes and changes included in this release. Better Initialization at App Launch With this 1.1.6 update, we’ve improved the way in which the SDK is initialized at app launch, allowing your app to respond when the SDK has properly initialized with your account settings. This is...

December 3

Aeris API + HW3 = Better Weather for Your Site

The following article was contributed by Joe Torsitano from Anyone who has used the HAMweather scripts on their website for more than a few months knows much of its power lies in its flexibility. The introduction of the Aeris Weather API means almost any existing HW3 installation can display the data which has always been included with higher speed and availability. It also allows other weather related information to be added. And it can be done with some easy changes to the templates provided with HW3 or that have already been customized. HW2 and HW3 have been key components...

November 5

We Have New Flexible Pricing for Aeris, Thanks to Your Feedback!

We recently sent out a newsletter to existing Aeris API Developer subscribers about our new flexible pricing options for our API, along with some other information on finding help on getting started with your API account. We are also providing current users signed up for the free Developer plan 25% off of their first month when they subscribe to a paid plan for providing their feedback on using our Aeris API so far. Be sure to check out our latest newsletter for more information.

October 26

Aeris iOS Weather Framework 1.1.5 Released

An update to our iOS weather framework is now available that includes several bug fixes and a few new features. As always, review the 1.1.5 complete release notes for more detailed information on the latest changes and fixes. Dynamic Opacity and Speed The biggest addition to the framework comes in the interactive map feature. We’ve had several requests to add support for dynamically adjusting an image overlay’s opacity and animation speed at runtime. Well, we listened to your feedback, and it’s finally here! To take advantage of this new feature immediately, we have already added default controls for map overlay...

October 9

Aeris Users Speak Up – Crushed Box Software Weather Apps Impress with Aeris API

We spoke with one of the Aeris users, Christopher Coudriet from about how he is using the Aeris weather API. He loves it! Thanks Chris, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Why did you decide to add weather into your offerings? We’ve been developing weather related apps for the last couple of years. And during this time we were searching for the game changing weather data provider to implement into our future weather apps. Why did you choose HAMweather’s Aeris API? We actually stumbled upon HAMweather’s Aeris products while doing some internet searches. Then...

September 17

Aeris iOS Weather Framework 1.1.4 Released

Today we released an update to our iOS weather framework that primarily serves as a bug fix release, but also introduces methods for accessing some of the newer features in the core API not yet supported by the framework. The primary addition has been adding support for accessing data from the observations/recent and observations/archive API endpoints. To do so, you will use the iOS framework’s AFObservationsLoader object, its [crayon-5b7430eb9617d663594396-i/] method for requesting recent observations, and [crayon-5b7430eb96184756910070-i/] method for requesting observations for a range in our archive. Review the AFObservationsLoader class documentation for additional details on using these new methods. Make sure to...

September 6

Aeris Users Speak Up – Day One Journaling App Expands Offerings with Aeris

Paul Mayne from Bloom Built, LLC, creator of Day One had some great things to say about how he uses the Aeris Weather API to increase the value of his journaling app: We've been very happy with our choice to go with HAMweather. Adding this additional detail of weather is an important part of capturing the essence of a moment, event or place in time for a journal entry to better preserve our memories. After much research and comparisons of all the available weather API services, we found that relying on any cheap or free service would not be...

August 23

Developers Flock to sign up for HAMweather’s API after announcement of Weather Underground Sale

HAMweather shares the humble beginnings and grassroots following of Weather Underground, and will continue to remain focused on their new weather API and data enhancement. No longer only a favorite of weather enthusiasts, HAMweather has risen quickly as the top choice of developers for weather APIs worldwide. Since the recent acquisition of Weather Underground by the Weather Channel, HAMweather has seen a newr 300% increase in usage as developers jump the corporate ship to a company holding strong to their weather roots. With humble beginnings, similar to Weather Underground, HAMweather was founded by Lee Huffman in 1996. It quickly gained a...

July 13

Aeris iOS Weather Framework 1.1.3 Released

We pushed out an update to our iOS weather framework today that includes several bug fixes and improvements. For details on the changes, review the complete change log. Core Changes This update includes improved tile and animation loading, which utilizes our completely new backend that is considerably faster and more reliable during periods of high demand. We have also improved the loading performance of API requests and rendering performance of a lot of data points on the interactive map, such as storm cells and storm reports. Another important change to note with the 1.1.3 release is that we have deprecated...

May 16

Taking Control of Your Weather Map

In addition to its quick and easy implementation, another exciting component of our Aeris iOS Weather framework is our interactive weather map feature. This component is a completely functional map with Aeris weather data and imagery overlaid on top of it which you hvae complete control over. Our demo application that comes with the framework distribution has a basic example of how you could integrate the interactive weather map into your own custom iPhone and iPad applications. We have even provided a simple options view for users to control which weather overlays are currently displayed on the map. When using...