December 13

Aeris API 1.0.1 Update

First off, we would like to say thanks for the tremendous enthusiasm and interest in our new Aeris product suite and the new site design. Over the coming weeks we will continue to expand Aeris with additional datasets, capabilities, JavaScript / PHP toolkits and more. With that, today we released an update to the Aeris API that provided several bug fixes and added some enhanced capabilities. The complete list of changes is available in the version history, though some of the major enhancements include: Enhanced Location Support Complete US state names or Canadian province names may be used. For example:...

November 29

New look, new products

As you can tell, things have changed quite a bit with the site now that our much-needed site redesign has been completed and the switch has been flipped. Finally. Not only has the site changed, but our lines of products and services have also received a well-deserved overhaul. So let’s get a little more familiar with the changes. Our new site boasts a clean, fresh look better focused around our extensive line of products and services. Aeris is our new core product, an API that provides the necessary weather data to power all of our other products and services. Similar...