Tag: Advantages of Winter Hibernation

Christmas tree without decorations outdoor in park with bokeh, beautiful blue spruce snow fall
December 22

White Christmas Odds Increase Across Upper Midwest – Advantages of Winter Hibernation?

18z Monday ECMWF Snowfall Prediction by Christmas MorningWeatherBell ECMWF Holding Firm With Accumulating Snow? Slam dunk? No, it never is. But the European model is still predicting potentially plowable snowfall amounts Wednesday into Wednesday night. Even if you cut the numbers in half it would still cover lawns and fields with a blanket of white in time for Christmas. We’ll see. But yeah, there’s still a chance. Paul Douglas, Praedictix The Nadir of Daylight. It’s all uphill from here in the daylight category; within 2 months nearly 2 additional hours of daylight. Yes please. Early January: Mild Signal Persists. January...