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June 4

Western Heat Wave Expands North and East – Most Critical Weather Forecast of WWII

NOAA The First Heat Wave of Summer is Here Men will sweat. Women will glow. Dogs will pant. Cats won’t care. An antiperspirant airmass pushes into Minnesota on a gusty, blast-furnace breeze, pushing the mercury into the mid to upper 90s the next few days. That’s 120-140 degrees warmer than it was just 4 months ago, during The February of Our Discontent. All-time temperature records will be set. Today’s record at MSP is 96F (possible) but tomorrow’s record high on 92 will be broken by lunchtime. I would not be surprised to see 100-degree heat north and west of the...

May 28

Hurricane Preparedness 101 – Using Drones and Electricity to Make it Rain?

Toasty. Long-range (GFS) guidance for the evening of June 10, low-confidence guidance, suggests sizzling heat for much of the nation, but a developing Omega Block may keep the Pacific Northwest and New England cool and showery. Hurricane Hunter Lockheed WC-130JU.S. Air Force Hurricane 2021: Medical Advice for the Storm, Evacuation and Pandemic. Here is an excerpt of useful advice for people living in Hurricane Alley, courtesy of Tampa Bay Times: “…Evacuation is the pinnacle of hurricane preparedness. Ask yourself the important questions such as: where are you going to go and how are you going to get there? Having options...

May 25

June Preview – Off-Grid, Climate-Ready Homes – Are Tornado Warnings Still Improving?

Brad Winger Recap of Last Wednesday’s Freakish Tornado Outbreak Far South Metro. Here’s an update from the Twin Cities National Weather Service: “Several low-topped supercells developed along a warm front across Southern Minnesota Wednesday evening, May 19, 2021. Preliminary reports indicate these storms produced 7 short-lived tornadoes across southern Minnesota. Information on the tornadoes is being gathered, and EF-scale ratings and other statistics will be determined once the information is evaluated. This was a marginal CAPE, marginal wind shear environment with low cloud bases. A strengthening low-level jet led to an increase in low-level wind shear. This was able to...

May 20

Simple Ways to Lower Weather Risk – Tornadoes South of Minneapolis – Flooding Rains Plague Gulf Coast

August 10, 2020Paul Douglas Simple Ways To Lower Weather Risk Somewhere between the “Nanny State” and “Every Man For Himself” is personal responsibility. When it comes to weather threats don’t count on the government or the media to save you. A healthy respect for weather goes a long way. Like going to the basement during a tornado warning. Investing in a $25 NOAA Weather Radio, the only thing that may wake you up at 3am if a tornado is approaching your house. Avoiding lakes, pools and beaches when thunder is audible. Staying hydrated during summer heat. Sunscreen to avoid skin...

May 20

Epic Flooding Hits Louisiana – Lightning Tips – “Mr. Tornado” – EF5 Tornado Drought

NOAA A Very Healthy Respect For Lightning ”Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does all the work” wrote Mark Twain. Earth is giant battery, lightning strikes the ground 44 times per second. That equates to 3 million flashes every day. Sometimes people get in the way. Only 10 percent of lightning victims perish – the rest suffer from lifelong neurological problems. There are steps you can take to lower your risk. The “30-30 Rule” comes to mind. If you can count less than 30 seconds between a flash of lightning and bang of thunder, head...

May 13

Penn State: Fewer Atlantic Hurricanes in 2021 – Is Tornado Alley Shifting – Deepening Drought Western U.S.

Severe Threat Increases by Late May. A series of cool frontal passages predicted by NOAA’s GFS model may increase the threat of a few rough T-storms the last week of May with highs in the 70s to near 80F – whicle significant heat stretches from Texas to New England. Severe ClearCSPP GeoSphere 2021 Minnesota Fishing Opener Historical Facts. The Minnesota DNR always does a great job putting weather into context. No ice or flurries for the Opener this year: “Opening day temperatures have started as low as 24 degrees at International Falls (1996,2004), and sub-freezing conditions have even affected Minneapolis...

Fire by the lake
May 12

Limping Into Summer – Deepening Drought Western USA – New Normals – 25th Anniversary of “Twister”, the Movie

Little fire, meet big fire.Paul Douglas It’s May, As In It MAY Warm Up It’s May. As in it MAY be nice. Or it MAY snow a little. Or Flood. Or tornado. May is manic and momentous, a meteorological gateway drug to summer. I’m a summer guy, but there is something to be said for May, before the bugs, jungle-like humidity, sputtering thunderstorms and beachball-size hail. A prologue to summer: a dash of warmth, without all the unpleasant side effects. Mostly-Dry, Mostly-Average Fishing Opener. Although a stray shower can’t be ruled out Saturday, Sunday looks like the wetter day with...

Maersk line
May 10

Climate Volatility and Weather Extremes Threaten the World’s Shipping Routes

Feature Image credit: Maersk and Wikipedia. “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” wrote explorer Jacques Cousteau. The world’s oceans are a wonder indeed, but rising tides, increasingly powerful storms and wind-whipped waves pose new risks for the ships that power the world’s economies. An estimated 80% of the world’s commerce arrives by ship, an estimated 50,000 merchant ships registered in nearly 150 countries. Tracking changes in weather for optimal routing and storm-avoidance has never been more mission-critical to keep the global economy humming along. Maritime Transport Operators increasingly rely on sophisticated...

May 3

What is a “Mesocyclone”? Lingering Confusion Over “Watches” vs. “Warnings” – Flood Risk Impact on Home Values

Header Image: Docks In By Late April?Paul Douglas Summer Heat Building Gulf Coast. Looking out 2 weeks GFS guidance shows a series of annoyingly persistent cool fronts impacting the northern tier of the USA, while the start of what looks like an early summer heatwave is taking shape over the southern U.S. 8th Cloudiest April Since 1963 at MSP.Minnesota State Climatology Office “Mescocyclone”NOAA What is a Mesocyclone? Not your generic, garden-variety thundershower. Meteorologist Brad Panovich at WCNC.com explains: “…A mesocyclone is not something you hear all the time, but when your local Meteorologist says it, that likely means there is...

Hurricane Hannah
April 29

Remembering 2011 Tornado Super Outbreak – Flood Risk Impact on Home Values – Drought Deepens Western U.S.

August 10, 2020 File ImagePaul Douglas In Defense of Summer Thunderstorms During thunderstorm season I still stare up at the sky with 5th grade wide-eyed wonder. During the day towering cumulonimbus castles charge across the sky. At night the lightning can resemble a Stephen King novel: giant, mutant alien fireflies hovering nearby. I never get over that. If we didn’t experience thunderstorms Minnesota’s climate would be similar to New Mexico. Precious little would grow here. If you hear thunder there’s lightning somewhere nearby. Keep in mind ANY thunderstorm is potentially dangerous. 1 in 10 will become severe, fewer than 1...