Tag: ECMWF Hints at Mild Winter

November 9

September in November – ECMWF Hints at Mild Winter – “Eta” May Flood South Florida Early Next Week

What La Nina? ECMWF seasonal climate outlooks predict December through February mean temperatures 2-5F warmer than normal across most of the lower 48; only Alaska predicted to enjoy a colder than average winter. We’ll see. Stormier, Wetter Pattern Returns by mid-November. All signs point to an inevitable buckling of jet stream steering winds, with enough southern moisture and Canadian chill in place for possible rain-ice-snow events within 1-2 weeks. After this week we’re probably due for a rude reversal in our weather fortunes. Briefing: Issued Thursday, November 5th, 2020: Tropical Depression Eta Eta Inland Over Central America. Eta has continued...