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drought in field
April 5

Expanding Drought – From Tornado Alley to “Tornado Country” – Using Cargo Ships to Detect Tsunamis?

U.S. Drought Monitor Expanding Drought. The latest U.S. Drought Monitor shows a large and growing area of extreme drought across the Dakotas and far northwest Iowa, with pockets of drought for the Red River Valley and far western counties in Minnesota. Recent rains restored soil moisture from Mankato and the Twin Cities to Duluth, at least for the short term. Blocking Pattern = Lingering April Warmth. With a massive ridge of high pressure stalled over the Great Plains and Rockies I don’t see much chance for a volley of cold fronts anytime soon. Part of me wonders if Mother Nature...

April 1

Dwindling Snow Cover – Expanding/Intensifying Drought – Concern Over NWS Outages

Snow cover on March 31, 2021NOAA NOHRSC Where’s the Snow? Less than 10% of the lower 48 states have snow on the ground as of Wednesday, limited to the higher elevations of the western U.S. and northern Maine. Amazing how quickly it melted, in retrospect. ECMWF Snowfall by April 4weatherbell.com Snow? We’ll Make More. A powerful blast of Canadian air will drop a few inches of snow from the hills of West Virginia into northern New England. Winter is down, but not out just yet. U.S. Drought Monitor Expanding, Intensifying Drought. I’m struck by the extent of exceptional drought over...

Western USA drought
March 23

Drought In Western USA – Floods Strike Australia – Pothole Weather

Relatively Mild Start to April. NOAA CPC (Climate Prediction Center) keeps a mild bias going into at least mid-April, and the 2-week forecast for 500mb winds (GFS) confirms a warmer than average pattern for most of the USA the first week of April, with the exception of the Pacific Northwest. Twin Cities National Weather Service New South Wales Rural Fire Service Life-Threatening Floods Inundating Parts of Australia. CNN.com has an update: “More than 18,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) as heavy rains and major flooding continue to inundate the state, causing some...