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August 2

New Residents Flood Into Drought-Stricken States – Water Levels in Salt Lake Hit Record Low – How Much Heat Can Humans Endure?

This Summer 80s Are “The New Cool Front” I’m happiest when Mother Nature isn’t trying to murder me. To be alive is to live with risk. We have no active volcanoes nearby, no earthquake faults or rising seas to worry about. The biggest temperature swings are found near the center of continents, well away from the moderating influence of ocean water. Large extremes can lead to powerful storms and fronts capable of hail, high winds and (rare) tornadoes. Drought this summer has reduced the severe storm count, but yesterday’s sauna-like airmass whipped up gangs of supercell storms along thunderstorms. Exhibit...

July 2

Expanding Drought – Keeping an Eye on “Elsa” – Why Many US Cities Weren’t Engineered for Extreme Heat

On The Cusp of Broiling. A full blown heat wave continues for most of the USA into mid-July, which isn’t shocking, considering the next 1-3 weeks is the hottest of the year for most of America, on average. It still appears the core of the heat may remain just south of Minnesota, but this is a low-confidence peek over the horizon. Sunniest June for MSP Since 1988Minnesota State Climatology Office Praedictix Briefing: Issued Thursday, July 1st, 2021: Elsa Has Formed. The system we mentioned in yesterdays briefing out in the Atlantic has continued to develop over the past 24 hours,...

Jonesboro Tornado
June 8

Expanding Heat – Expanding Drought – Hurricane Tools – Shift in Tornado Alley?

NOAA Welcome to the Dog Days of June ”It’s so hot your clothes iron themselves.” “Wait, it’s so hot they installed a fan in the debt ceiling!” True story. From a Polar Vortex in February to the Vegas Vortex in June, all signs point to an unusually hot and dry summer. This is just the first wave. For the record, June brings an average of 3 days of 90s. We’re about to experience 9 days of 90s in a row, for the first time in 5 years. If anyone asks, July is still the hottest month of the year. This...