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Severe Weather Threats Endpoint
April 28

Track Severe Weather with the Threats Endpoint

Springtime in the US signals the start of the severe weather season, bringing severe storms, hail, and tornadoes from the central plains through the mid-Atlantic and the southeast US. With this extreme weather, there is a need to accurately and quickly inform the public. To assist, AerisWeather offers a selection of severe weather APIs, mapping layers, and our new severe weather module for use within interactive maps. One of the unique severe weather endpoints, within the AerisWeather API, is the Threats Endpoint. The Threats Endpoint provides information on potential storm threats affecting the US, Puerto Rico, and Guam. What is the...

Hands holding large hail
May 10

Are We Seeing More Hail In A Warmer, Wetter World? Experts Say Not Yet

“Come hell, hail or high water.” For anyone who has had their car dinged or shingles shredded, there’s a perception that damaging hail is on the rise. But a careful look at the observational record suggests otherwise. As a meteorologist and businessman, I respond to data. If I ignore data, evidence or trends that make me uncomfortable, I quickly go out of business. Separating out the signal of climate change from the noise of random everyday weather is challenging. When it comes to hail trends, perception, and a changing observational baseline over time, may be trumping reality. A graphic from...