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May 25

June Preview – Off-Grid, Climate-Ready Homes – Are Tornado Warnings Still Improving?

Brad Winger Recap of Last Wednesday’s Freakish Tornado Outbreak Far South Metro. Here’s an update from the Twin Cities National Weather Service: “Several low-topped supercells developed along a warm front across Southern Minnesota Wednesday evening, May 19, 2021. Preliminary reports indicate these storms produced 7 short-lived tornadoes across southern Minnesota. Information on the tornadoes is being gathered, and EF-scale ratings and other statistics will be determined once the information is evaluated. This was a marginal CAPE, marginal wind shear environment with low cloud bases. A strengthening low-level jet led to an increase in low-level wind shear. This was able to...

May 21

Flooding Rains Plague Gulf Coast – NOAA Predicts Above Average Atlantic Hurricane Season – Anniversary of Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 Tornado

Paul Douglas Tracking a Welcome Weekend Hot Front Wednesday evening’s freakish tornado outbreak from Owatonna to Lakeville was a rude reminder that unexpected weather can come out of left field (or Iowa) when you least expect it. Conditions for tornadoes were marginal at best. There were no watches in effect. NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center didn’t have southern Minnesota under a “slight risk” of severe storms. But the atmosphere didn’t seem to care, with enough instability and spin to support a tornadic “supercell” thunderstorm pushing up I-35. Take- aways? We know when the atmosphere is ripe for severe. MOST of the...

May 20

Simple Ways to Lower Weather Risk – Tornadoes South of Minneapolis – Flooding Rains Plague Gulf Coast

August 10, 2020Paul Douglas Simple Ways To Lower Weather Risk Somewhere between the “Nanny State” and “Every Man For Himself” is personal responsibility. When it comes to weather threats don’t count on the government or the media to save you. A healthy respect for weather goes a long way. Like going to the basement during a tornado warning. Investing in a $25 NOAA Weather Radio, the only thing that may wake you up at 3am if a tornado is approaching your house. Avoiding lakes, pools and beaches when thunder is audible. Staying hydrated during summer heat. Sunscreen to avoid skin...