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August 25

NOAA Weather Radio: Cheapest Life Insurance Around – Anatomy of a Deadly Flash Flood in Tennessee

Cheap Life Insurance: NOAA Weather RadioPaul Douglas My NOAA Weather Radio Alarmed Me During the wee hours of Tuesday morning I was momentarily convinced we were under attack. Alarms blaring, a strobe light flashing in our bedroom. After unplugging the alarm clock it dawned on me that my NOAA Weather Radio was going off – for the first time in months. I’ve never been happier to see continuous lightning and hear rolling thunder, which sounded like artillery shells going off. 1-2 inches of rain soaked much of central and southern Minnesota and Wisconsin from a “meso-convective system”; a 200- mile-wide...

March 22

Doppler is Great, But NOAA Weather Radio is Cheapest Life Insurance on Earth

The One Radio You Should Own I married an amazing architect, who was kind enough to spare me an invoice for her time and effort building a new home for us a few years ago. It has a concrete and steel-reinforced, mostly-underground “bunker”, able to withstand an EF-5 tornado. In theory. At the recommendation of experts we have no electronics in our bedroom, except for a NOAA Weather Radio. If a tornado touches down at 3am an audible alarm on the $30 NOAA Weather Radio will make sure we have enough lead time to reach that bunker. One of many...