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August 20

Drought Deepens and Expands – Will Henri Strike New England for First Time in 30 Years?

US Drought Monitor Bringing Back Dusty Memories of 1988 Drought My 91 year old father (Volker) just flew in to meet his new great grandson (Jordan). He was immediately struck by the stress that trees, lawns and crops are experiencing from drought increasingly reminiscent of 1988. My father lives near Philadelphia, where they have been dodging floods and Kansas-size tornadoes. “With rainfall now it’s all or nothing” he observed. That is not far off the mark. The latest US Drought Monitor* shows severe to extreme drought in the metro, with a swath of exceptional drought over the Red River Valley....

August 20

Drought Intensifies – Water Shortages – “Grace” Threatens Cancun and “Henri” May Brush New England

All sharing options ECMWF Predicted Rainfall by Saturday Eveningweatherbell.com A Little Rain and Trickles of Canadian Air I’d rather track rainbows and unicorns on my Doppler, but there is something to be said for acknowledging reality. Whether it’s a virus or a rapidly changing climate, ignoring data and trends is often a precursor to pain. I’m a charter member of the common-sense, keep-your- eyes-wide-open party. Because you can’t fix what you can’t measure – or acknowledge. Since April 1 parts of Minnesota are the driest on record, according to the Minnesota State Climatology Office. It took us 5 months to...

September 8

The United States of Weather Extremes: Record Heat, Wildfires, Freak Snows Out West

The United States of Weather Extremes 2020 has been a volatile, jaw-dropping year – and disruption applies to America’s weather. In recent days I’ve witnessed things I’ve never seen before. 121F in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A 5 year drought fueling massive California wildfires, billowing smoke thousands of miles downwind. While the west bakes Denver just dropped 60 degrees in 2 days; from 100F to 30s and snow, in a meteorological blink of an eye. “Paulette” has formed in the Atlantic, the 16th storm and earliest P-name on record. And now there’s Tropical Storm Rene, the earliest R-name on...